Difficult To Charge Your EV(Electrical Vehicle)? Worried? Anxious? All Gone...

2023-11-22 16:21:14

The charging gun industry has a lot of room for development Portable charging guns are expected to become the mainstream of the market.


Charging guns are important equipment for connecting EV to charging piles. With the advantages of good insulation, high/low temperature resistance, long service life and wear resistance, charging guns are used in the charging process of EV. According to different charging methods, charging guns can be divided into two types: DC charging guns and AC charging guns.

The charging gun usually consists of four parts: the charging gun head, the control box, the output cable and the input power cable. The control box is the core component of the charging gun and has functions such as leakage protection, temperature protection and over-voltage and over-current protection. As the charging gun needs to be adapted to various environmental conditions, the control box is mostly made of wear-resistant, flame-retardant and impact-resistant materials. Polycarbonate (PC) has superior overall performance and is used more often in the production process of charging gun control boxes. In recent years, China's high-quality charging gun control box market share has been rising, which provides favourable conditions for the development of the charging gun industry.

According to the "2023-2028 Charging Gun Industry Market Deep Research and Investment Prospect Forecast Analysis Report", portable charging guns refer to the charging guns that can be carried with the car. The portable charging gun has the advantages of small size, light quality and flexible charging, and is expected to become a mainstream product in the charging gun market in the future. 2022 "Car Electrical Products Part 2: Portable Charging Gun" group standard was formally approved, and the standard has strict regulations on the environmental adaptability and safety protection function of the portable charging gun. In this context, China's portable charging gun industry will gradually develop in the direction of standardization.

EV are the main demand side of the charging gun. According to the statistics of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the sales of EV in China reached 6.887 million units in 2022, an increase of 93.4% year-on-year. Driven by market demand, China's new energy vehicle charging infrastructure construction process has been accelerated. 2022 National Development and Reform Commission and other ten departments jointly issued the "Implementation Opinions on Further Improving the Service Guarantee Capability of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure", which clearly proposed to optimize the operation and maintenance management of electric vehicle charging equipment. Benefiting from the support of national policies, the development space of China's charging gun industry will be further expanded.

Analysts from the industry of Newsijie said that with the accelerated development of the new energy vehicle industry, the market scale of China's charging gun will be further expanded. In recent years, benefiting from in-depth research as well as technological progress, the quality of China's charging guns has been continuously improved. Portable charging guns have excellent performance and can meet the demand for portable charging of cars, so they are expected to become the mainstream of China's charging gun market in the future.

However, due to the current lack of charging pile construction density, many new energy vehicle owners more or less still have range anxiety, especially the Spring Festival back home, no charging pile is very inconvenient.

And some communities do not support the installation of home charging piles due to the distribution voltage restrictions. This is where the advantages of portable charging guns come into play.

Advantages of portable charging guns

1. Home Electricity Can Be Charged

The biggest advantage of a portable charging gun is that it can be connected to household electricity and can be charged as long as there is an outlet. But remember to check the plug at home, it needs to be one that can carry 16A.

2. Power

Portable charging gun products are generally rated at 10A, while our portable charging gun reaches 16A, which corresponds to a power of about 3.5kw, which will be more efficient than the 10A setting of 2.8kw charging.

3. Grounding Protection Function

Safety is undoubtedly the most important thing. The portable charging gun has a grounding protection function, if it recognized that the socket does not have a grounding wire, or the grounding is poor, the portable charging gun will stop working.

4. High IP Protection Rating

While conventional products on the market are generally IP65 rated, our products are IP67 rated, far above the industry standard for dust and water resistance. IP67 is the normal temperature and pressure, when the shell is temporarily immersed in 1M deep water will not cause harmful effects.

5. High Portability

The portable charging gun is compact and lightweight, easy to carry. Users can charge anywhere, anytime, without the worry of not being able to find a charging station. Especially in rural areas or on long journeys where the density of charging posts is low, the convenience of a portable charging gun is even more significant. All you need to do is find an available outlet and you can charge your vehicle at any time.

6. Adaptable

Portable charging guns are suitable for a wide range of environments and can be used in different areas in different circumstances. Whether it is urban or rural, home charging or charging in public places, the portable charging gun can meet the charging needs of the user.


Future Outlook

With the popularization of EV and the continuous improvement of charging pile construction, portable charging guns will play an increasingly important role in urban and rural layouts. As a solution that can meet the flexible charging needs of users, portable charging guns will become a mainstream product in the charging equipment market.

In the urban layout, as the number of EV increases, the number of charging piles will also increase accordingly. However, due to the limited parking spaces in urban areas, the layout of charging posts still has certain limitations. Portable charging guns can provide a more convenient way for vehicle owners to charge their vehicles, allowing them to charge at any time, whether at home, in car parks or in shopping malls.

In rural layouts, the construction of charging posts is relatively lagging behind due to various factors. New energy vehicle owners in rural areas often face the problem of inconvenient charging. The convenience and adaptability of portable charging guns can solve this problem very well. All you need to do is charge your vehicle at home or near any outlet to meet your vehicle's charging needs.

Overall, portable charging guns have good market prospects and development potential. With the rapid development of the new energy vehicle market and the promotion of charging pile construction, portable charging guns will be more and more concerned and demanded by consumers. In the future, portable charging guns will become an important part of the charging equipment market, providing users with more convenient and quick charging solutions. At the same time, with the continuous progress of technology, the performance and functions of portable charging guns will become more and more powerful, providing users with a better charging experience.