Electric vehicle (EV) AC wallboxes are charging stations that allow EV drivers to charge their vehicles conveniently at home. AC wallboxes are designed to be mounted on a wall or pole, taking up minimal space while providing safe and smart charging capabilities.
AC wallboxes provide level 2 charging, which operate on a 208/240-volt AC power supply. This allows EVs to charge 2-5 times faster than using a standard 120v outlet. A typical AC wallbox can provide between 3.3kW to 19.2kW of power, enabling an EV to be fully recharged overnight within 6-12 hours.
Key features of EV AC wallboxes include wifi connectivity for remote monitoring and access via mobile apps, scheduling charging times to take advantage of lower electricity rates, surge protection and safety mechanisms, multiple charging cables to suit different EV models, and rugged outdoor-rated enclosures. Some advanced models also have load sharing capability to leverage solar power, and vehicle-to-grid integration to feed stored energy back to the grid during peak demand.