EV Charger 7kW 11kW 22kW Wallbox

Model: H-series
Type: EU Standard AC Charging Pile
Power: 7kW Single phase / 11kW Three-phase / 22kW Three-phase
Version: Gun cable version, wall mounting type/Pedestal
Agreement: OCPP1.6J
Protection: IP55, IK10
RFID Switch on/OCPP Switch on /APP Switch on
Certificate: CE, TUV

EV Charger 7kW 11kW 22kW Wallbox Description

The H-Series EV Charger 7kW 11kW 22kW Wallbox is designed especially for the UK & the European market for HOME AND COMMERCIAL charging requirements with compact, modern, and full function design. It has 7.4kW/11kW/22kW three power styles for you to choose.

The untethered version works with all standard Type 2 high-quality 5m cables, which will save you from the trouble of choosing, and it's suitable for a variety of standard garages and homes. And you can use any length of cable as you wish.

Till now it has completed over 800,000 EV charger installations and built a strong reputation for producing high-quality EV charging stations. They are now distributed in more than 17 countries, including the UK and throughout Europe.

A 7 kW charger will typically take around 8-10 hours to charge a car with a 40kWh battery to 80% SoC (state of charge) and an 11 kW charger will take around 4-6 hours to charge the same. A 22 kW charger will take around 2-3 hours to charge the same vehicle.

A wallbox is a type of EV charger that is installed on a wall, typically in a garage or a parking lot. These chargers can be connected to a building's electrical system, either through a dedicated circuit or by using a plug, like an electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).

When an electric vehicle is parked and connected to the charger, the charger's control electronics communicate with the vehicle's on-board charger (OBC) to determine the vehicle's maximum charging rate. This is based on the vehicle's state of charge, the battery's temperature, and other factors. The charger then provides power to the vehicle's battery at the maximum rate that is both safe and efficient.

Our H-series EV chargers, available in 7kW, 11kW, and 22kW wallbox variants, are internet-connected devices accessible through smartphone applications, websites, or RFID cards. They are designed with 4G/ 5G, OCPP1.6J, WIFI, RFID, real-time monitoring, energy consumption statistics and other features to meet your needs. Users can initiate, terminate, and schedule charging sessions using the accompanying app.


Rated Power

7.4kw, 11kw, 22kw

Type of connection

1P+N+PE, 3P+N+PE, 6 - 10mm²

Nominal Supply

230 V AC±15%, 400V AC±15%

AC input frequency


Adjustable current

6A-32A Variable(Via APP)

Over Current Protection

40A Supply (external MCB)

RCD protection

Built-in Type B RCD DC 6 mA/AC 30 mA (Industrial-grade protection)

Earthing arrangement

Built-in O-PEN Protection

Standby Power Consumption


Integrated protections

Over and under voltage, power overload, short circuit, dispersion currents, missing ground connection, surge, over temperature



Control charging with the APP

Built-in RFID reader, OCPP 1.6

Solar Compatibility

ECO, ECO+, and Fast charging modes

Load Balancing

Up to 32 units can be connected

Installation network

TN, IT, and TT

Supply Cable Entry

Ø18mm-Ø24mm hole drilled at site through top and bottom of enclosure

Housing material/Enclosure

PC+ASA(UL94 V-0 Fire Rated-the Highest Flame Classification)


Wall-mounting, pedestal mounting


IEC 62196 Type 2, IP55 hinged lid,electrical lock(Compliance requested)

Protection (Enclosure)

IP55 (Socketed), IP65 (Tethered), IK10

Operating temperature

-25°C -50°C


5%~98% non-condensing


Indoor / Outdoor

Dimensions (H*W*D)



Socketed 2.5kg, Tethered 5kg



Why choose our H - series EV charging wallbox?

Our EV Charger 7kW 11kW 22kW Wallbox is intelligent and adaptable to all types of electric vehicles. Its compact dimensions and minimalist design make it suitable for any garage or apartment. Built to comply with UK regulations, the all-black H-Series comes with both integrated type B RCD protection and open PEN conductor protection.

You can view or export your monthly charging records through the smart app online, which includes the details about the charging time and power from the beginning to the end.

Additionally, you can install the EV wallbox outdoors, as it boasts a protection level of up to IP55 and IK10, making it highly effective against various weather conditions and potential collisions.

You`ll benefit:

1. Type B DC 6mA + 30mA AC leakage protector

2. Various startup modes, RFID card, APP, plug and charge.

3. Load balancing management and solar matching function.

4. Saving on electricity bills by scheduling off-peak charging.

5. Built in O-Pen protection ensures a quick installation with no extra cost for an earth rod.

6. The Hierarchical maintenance design makes the maintenance and replacement much easier.

7. Compliant with OCPP 1.6 JSON and compatible with most of the charging network platforms in the European and UK markets.

8. Over current, overvoltage and short circuit protection, etc. make charging much safer.

There are three main features:

1. Monitor the charging status in your hand

Monitor the charging status even at home or office in your hand.

Select off-peak charging via the APP

Enable the load balancing management function on the APP

View your charging sessions at any time.

2. Solar charging

Our EV Charger Wallbox can be connected to your solar panels with the innovative solar matching functionality to charge your car directly from solar energy!

3. Load Balancing

You will never have to worry about tripped fuses or using all your appliances at the same time. It will automatically cut back on charging when you use other electronics, so you never have to worry about it or change a fuse again!

What should think about before the installation?

● Electrical capacity: Make sure the electrical service to your home or building is sufficient to support the installation of a wallbox charger. This typically means ensuring that the electrical service has enough capacity to handle the power output of the charger you're installing.

● Location: Consider where you want to install the wallbox. It should be placed in a location that is easily accessible, well-lit, and close to the electrical service. It should also be installed in a place that is protected from the elements, such as a garage.

● Permits and codes: Some local municipalities require permits for the installation of EV charging equipment and may have specific codes that must be followed. Make sure you understand any local requirements before beginning the installation.

● Cost: Consider the costs involved in the installation, including the cost of the wallbox itself, any necessary electrical work, and any permits or fees required by local authorities.

● Future Usage: Consider how you might use the charger in the future. Wallboxes typically have a higher charging power output than standard household outlets, which means they can charge an electric vehicle's battery faster. This can be especially important for EV owners who need to charge their vehicles quickly, such as those who take long trips or need to drive frequently.

Application & Details

It can be mounted and used as:

1. Home Charging

2. Workplace Charging

3. Commercial Buildings

4. Apartment Blocks

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Q: How many EV chargers can be bound to the smart app?

A: The smart app has no limit on the number of EV chargers that can be bound. Whether you have 5 installed at home or 20 installed in your company, you can effectively manage them through a registered account.

Q: How many RFID cards does the H-Series come standard with?

A: As a standard version, we provide two RFID cards, but if you have additional needs, you can contact us for consultation.

Q: Does the H-Series EV Charger 7kW 11kW 22kW Wallbox need an earth rod?

No. It already has a ground rod built in and it is the safest option for EV chargers, Not needing to install an extra ground rod means no extra cost and easy installation.

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