Aluminium Alloy Structure Solar Carport

Aluminium Alloy Structure Solar Carport

Product model: TSP-C-XX-AL (“XX” means parking spaces) Wind Load: 60M/S
Snow Load: 1.8KN/M2
Service life: 25-year design life
Structure: High-strength aluminium alloy
Installation site: Ground or Open Field
Placing direction: Portrait or landscape
Feature: Single arm cantilever length can be 6.0
Module brand: All module brands are suitable
Inverter: Multiple MPPT string inverter
Charging pile: Charging pile can be selected according to customer requirements
Energy storage system: Energy storage system can be selected according to customer requirements

Aluminium Alloy Structure Solar Carport Description

An Aluminium Alloy Structure Solar Carport is a type of carport designed for use in solar energy systems. It typically consists of a framework made from aluminium alloy, which supports one or more rows of solar panels. The panels are oriented to face the sun and generate electricity, which can be used to power electric vehicles or other devices. The carport provides shade for parked cars, while also generating renewable energy. It also can designed based on your needs with charging stations for electric vehicles. With a solar carport built, you can effectively use the space while generating electricity.


1. Green energy and industrial aesthetics

Green energy charging and car shelter

Smart display and new advertising carrier

Industrial aesthetics and minimalist

2. Factory prefabrication and quick delivery

Standard product and modular design

Free of welding, noise and dust

aluminium alloy material, free of large mechanical equipment installation

3. Quality assurance

High-efficiency single crystal double-sided double glass module

High-quality building materials, Grade A fireproof

Bifacial and double-glazed, efficient power generation

4. Free selection and intelligent management

PV-storage-charging optional

Visible electric energy information data

Customized color

How Much Stuff included in one Solar Carport System

● Solar panels: These convert sunlight into electricity. The number of panels required will depend on the size of the carport and the amount of electricity that you want to generate.

●Mounting hardware: This includes the framework and other hardware used to support and orient the solar panels towards the sun.

● Inverter: This converts the direct current (DC) electricity produced by the solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity that can be used to power electric vehicles or other devices.

● Electrical wiring: This connects the components of the solar carport system, including the solar panels, inverter, and any other devices, such as electric vehicle charging stations.

● Monitoring system: This allows you to track the performance of the solar carport system, including the amount of electricity produced and the status of various components.

● Carport structure: It provides the coverage for the cars and also the shelter for the solar panels.

● Safety and protection devices: This includes lightning protection, grounding, and others.

● Optional: EV charging pile, battery storage and lighting

Some aluminium alloy structure solar carpots also include additional features such as built-in electric vehicle charging stations, battery storage systems, and lighting.

What Should I Consider If I Need to Purchase It

● Location: Consider the location where the carport will be installed. The solar panels need to have good sun exposure to generate a decent amount of electricity. Also, wind load, snow load and seismic activity should be considered.

● Size: Determine the size of the carport and how many vehicles you will be covering, this will help to determine the number of solar panels you need.

● Solar panel efficiency: Look for solar panels with a high efficiency rating. The higher the efficiency, the more electricity the panel will generate.

● Quality of the construction: Make sure the carport is made with high-quality materials, such as aluminium alloy and that is built to withstand the elements.

● Special feature: Some carports come with additional features like built-in EV charging station, lighting and others. Check if any of these features align with your requirements.

What is the difference between carbon steel solar carport and Aluminium Alloy Structure Solar Carport

Carbon steel and aluminium alloy are both commonly used materials for solar carport construction, but there are some key differences between the two:

● Weight: aluminium alloy is generally lighter than carbon steel, which makes it easier to transport and install.

● Strength: While both materials are strong, aluminium alloy has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than carbon steel, meaning it can be used to create more lightweight and durable structures.

● Corrosion resistance: aluminium alloy is more resistant to corrosion than carbon steel. It is a good choice for outdoor use and locations near the ocean.

● Cost: Carbon steel is generally less expensive than aluminium alloy, but the cost difference depends on the source and the quality of the material.

● Appearance: Aluminium alloy has a smoother finish than carbon steel, which may be more appealing visually, however, both materials can be painted to match the desired color. Besides, the carbon steel supports to shape any model as you wish, although it`s heavy and not easy for shipping.

● Life span: Aluminium alloy is more durable and longer lasting than carbon steel, which can corrode over time and may require frequent repainting or maintenance.

Ultimately, the choice between carbon steel and aluminium alloy will depend on your specific needs, including the location and environment of the carport, your budget, and the level of corrosion resistance and durability you require. it's also recommendable to consult with an expert in the field to help you make the best decision for your requirements.


Main Components of Mounting List





End Clamp

Mid Clamp

W Rail

W Rail Splice





Horizontal Water Channel

Rubber String

W Rail Clamp

W Rail Top Cover





Bottom Rail

Bottom Rail Splice


Beam Connector





Bottom Rail Clamp






U Base

Anchor Bolt

Safety Precautions

General notice

● Installation should be proceeded by professional workers, who will follow the installation manual.

● Please follow the local building standards and environmental protection regulations.

● Please follow the labor safety regulations.

● Please wear the safety gear. (especially helmet, boot, glove)

● Please make sure at least 2 installation workers are on site in case of emergency.

■ When installing at a high place, please set up scaffolds to eliminate the risk of falling before proceeding. Please also use gloves and safety belts.

■ Do not modify the mounting products without permission to prevent accidents and malfunctions.

■ Please pay attention to the sharp points of aluminium structures and be careful not to be injured.

■ Please tighten all required bolts and screws.

■ The wire might be damaged when it touches the profile section during electrical wiring work.

■ Please do not use broken, faulty or deformed products in case of danger.

■ Please do not make strong impact on the profile, while aluminium profile is easy to be deformed and scratched.

Installation Tools & Equipment





6mm Inner Hexagon Spanner

Electric Drill

Measure tape






Torque Spanner


Adjustable spanner



Box spanner (M12/M16)


1. Notes for Construction Dimension

The specific dimensions of all installations involved are subject to the construction drawings.

2. Notes for Stainless Steel Fasteners

Because of the good ductility of stainless steel, the fasteners are very different in nature from carbon steel ones. If used in an improper way, it will result in bolt and nut being "locked", which is commonly known as "seizure". Prevention from lock basically has the following ways:

2.1. Reduce the Friction Coefficient

(1) Ensure that the bolt thread surface is clean and tidy (No dust, grit, etc.);

(2) It is recommended to use yellow wax or lubricant during installation (such as lubricating grease, 40# engine oil, which are prepared by users).

2.2. Correct Operation Method

(1) The bolt must be perpendicular to the axis of the thread, and not inclined (Do not tighten Obliquely);

(2) In the process of tightening, the strength needs to be balanced, tightening torque shall not exceed the prescribed safety torque value;

(3) Choose torque wrench or socket wrench as far as possible, avoid using adjustable wrench or electric wrench. Lower the rotating speed while have to use electric wrenches;

(4) Avoid using electric wrenches etc. under high temperature conditions, do not rotate fast when using, to avoid rapid rise in temperature and cause "seizure" for the Aluminium Alloy Structure Solar Carport.

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