AC Solar Water Pump System

3-phase, power from 1.5kW to 75kW, Solar Power from 2.1kW to 105kW, Max.
Head from 25m to 400m, Max.
Flow from 2.5m3/h to 170m3/h
MPPT efficiency up to 99.7%, Transformer-less Low-water sensor and full-water sensor protection.

Product Introduction

The AC Solar Water Pump System is a system that uses solar energy to drive an AC electric water pump. Its working principle is to generate electricity through solar energy, convert the electrical energy into alternating current, and then drive the water pump to transport water. Secondly, our products are suitable for all occasions that require water, such as farmland irrigation, urban fountains, household drinking water, etc. Finally, our solar power is 2.1kW~105kW, and the water pump power is 1.5kW~75kW.

Key Parameters (Specification)

1. Technology: MPPT technology

2. Pump Power:1.5kW ~75kW

3. Solar Power: 2.1kW ~105kW

4. Max. Head: 25m ~400m

5. Rated Head: 14m ~220m

6. Max. Flow: 2.5m³/h ~170m³/h

7. Rated Flow: 1.25m³/h ~85m³/h

8. Voltage: 330Vdc

9. MPPT Vmp: 450Vdc ~600Vdc

10. Input Voc Max: 750Vdc

Product Feature

Easy to install

Installation of our products is relatively simple as there is no need to build new electrical outlets. You only need to find the corresponding AC power interface to start managing and using it.

High reliability
Our products use high-quality solar panels and water pumps to ensure long-term operation and stability of the system. And it reduces failures caused by insufficient power supply or occasional power outages.

Intelligent control
The system can be equipped with an intelligent controller, which can independently control the start and stop, running time, flow, and other parameters of the water pump according to different water level conditions, making the work of the water pump more intelligent and precise.

The AC Solar Water Pump System can be combined with solar panels and AC power for use in a variety of locations, environments, and seasons.

Product Details




Q: What is your MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)?

A: 1*20ft container /10 sets.

Q: Can you print my own logo on the product?

A: Yes, It is available to negotiate OEM/ODM, based on MOQ.

Q: What`s the warranty and after sale service?

A: 1 year for the whole DC Solar Water Pump System, designed life could be up to 25 years.

Q: Is DDP available?

A: Yes, with the support of our processional forwarders, all Incoterms are negotiable.

Q: What is the coverage area of the the Solar Water Pump system?

A: Generally, it is said that a 2 HP pump can cater to about two acres of land and a 7.5 HP is said to cater to 10 acres of land, but this data varies depending on the groundwater levels and the type of irrigation required for a particular crop.

Q: What maintenance is required for a solar-powered pump? Does the performance of the solar water pumps get affected over the years of use?

A: The system needs very minimal maintenance which includes cleaning of the panels on a regular basis. Cleaning maintains the efficiency of the panel without which the panel’s surface gets reduced exposure to irradiation from the dust and dirt on it.

In comparison to diesel pumps, solar water pumps have a significantly longer life expectancy and continue to produce electricity for even longer than 25 years.

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