Solar Hiking Backpack

Solar Hiking Backpack

Model: TS-BA-30-02
Brand: OEM supported
Connector Type: USB
Color: Blue and gray
Total USB Ports: 1
Wattage: 30 watts
Material: Plastic
Power Source: Solar Powered
Compatible Devices: Mobile phone, other USB connectable devices
Special Feature: Removable, Travel, Water Resistant, Large Space
Pros of buying this backpack
Has a high-efficiency cell of up to 24%
The solar backpack is spacious but still lightweight
The pack also includes a water bladder.
An anti-scratch material covers the solar panel
Water-resistant and weatherproof

Solar Hiking Backpack Description

The Solar Hiking Backpack is made of a backpack, solar panel and mobile power supply. It can provide charging services for mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices through solar panels, and is often used for mountain climbing, hiking, vacations and other activities. It adopts a simple shape design, its material is nylon fabric, and it is mainly made of blue, white and gray. The backpack is designed with built-in loops and multiple carabiners so you can easily attach it to a tent or tree with ropes to absorb solar energy. Plus, its padded shoulder straps and two hip belts help keep it in place and evenly distribute the pressure of the pack over your upper body, allowing you to maintain your balance even on steep mountain climbs.

Working Principle
The backpack has a solar panel on the front of the bag. Solar panels are made of single crystal, which will absorb solar energy and convert it into electric charge. Finally, the charge will be transmitted through the junction box or cable wire, directly charging the USB electronic device.


1. Waterproof: This Solar Hiking Backpack is made of rainproof nylon and polyester materials, and each zipper is covered to ensure a tight closure. This makes it effectively waterproof and prevents the contents of the backpack from getting wet in humid outdoor areas or on rainy days.

2. Large storage space: This backpack adopts a multi-layer structure design and has powerful storage functions. Its multiple pockets can reasonably and conveniently store various mountaineering accessories, and its inner layer is equipped with a foam cushion of appropriate thickness to provide unique shock-proof effect for your digital products.

3. Detachable battery panel: Its solar panel adopts a detachable design for easy use outdoors. The panel can be deployed and attached to the front of the backpack to absorb solar energy while you climb mountains and hike. It can also be detached and fixed separately on trees and tent surfaces for use.

4. Comfortable to use: The back of this backpack adopts three-dimensional honeycomb back padding and has deep and densely padded shoulder straps and waist belt. This design can promote air circulation between the backpack and the human body, ensuring a breathable, non-slip, and shock-absorbing experience.

Product Parameters

★ Color: Camouflage★ Maximum Power: 30W
★ Size: 380x150x620 mm, 50L★ Output Parameter: 5V/3A; 9V/2A; 12V/1.5A
★ Material: 600D Nylon  ★ Output Interface: USB
★ Lining: Nylon

1. Function Characteristics


Carry lightly

Dry and breathable

Waterproof fabric

Large capacity


2. Applications


3. Details

product.jpg            product.jpg            peoduct.jpg            product.jpg            
Double Water BagsUSB Indicators50L large SpaceClimbing Hooks
product.jpg            product.jpg            product.jpg            product.jpg            
Waist Support Card BuckleSmooth ZipperFold for StorageProtect the Back Belt

 Why Do You Need It?

No Power = No safety

The true meaning of solar backpack shows you where there is the sunlight, there is power sources. Outing and outdoor activities always brings the problem of electricity outrage. And here are some simple reports.

95% of the world's population suffers from 'low battery anxiety'

83% of people asked to borrow chargers outside their homes

65% need to reach out to family or colleagues

55% look for restaurants to use their outlets

To avoid the anxiety of low battery, prepare one Solar Hiking Backpack or solar charger is necessary!

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