Inverter Integrated Generator

Model : GP1000/2000/3000
Battery Capacity : 500Wh/ 1000Wh, or 1500Wh
Control system: MPPT
Characteristics: LED screen, multiple interfaces, PAYG system available, Mantel shell.
Lifespan: 3000 times

Inverter Integrated Generator Description

The Inverter Integrated Generator system consists of an All-in-one integrated host and PV module, which is easy to install with high technology, high performance, high reliability; small volume, lightweight, convenient transportation; atmosphere appearance.

GP1000 - GP3000 series applying a compact and streamlined design, can be put in the trunk easily. It only weighs 15 - 30kg with a handle on the top. The unit`s exterior is covered in metal, and it has four rubber feet to protect the bottom from scuffing.

Main Features:

①LED Smart Screen makes power use visualization, easy to control;

②Multiple charging & discharging ports

③PAYG function allows clients to purchase the electricity they need and everyone can afford it.

④MPPT controller with a pure sine wave.

⑤Uninterrupted power supply


GP AC/DC generation system





Battery Type

LiFePO4 Battery

LiFePO4 Battery

LiFePO4 Battery

Battery Specification




Battery Working Voltage/V


Battery Working Temperature/°C

Charge: -5℃~45℃; Discharge: -20℃~60℃

Battery Cycle Times(<80%)

≧2000 times

≧2000 times

≧3000 times


Control Type


Maximum Charge Current




Charge conversion efficiency




Battery Undervoltage Protection

≦10.5V Protect, ≧12V Recover

Battery Overvoltage Protection

≧15.2V Protect, ≦13.4V Recover

Cooling Type

Air cooling

AC Output

Rated Output Voltage/V




Rated Output Current/A




Rated Output Frequency/Hz




Rated Output Power/W




Maximum Output Power/W




Transfer Efficiency




DC Output

5V DC, Total

Maximum Power:15 W
Maximum Current:3 A
Restart recover after Overcurrent and short circuit

5V DC, Interface

USB×2 + Circle Hole×1
USB Maximum Current 2A
Circle Hole Maximum Current 3A

12V DC, Total

Maximum Power:240 W
Maximum Current:22 A
Restart recover after Overcurrent and short circuit

12V DC, Interface

Aviation Terminal×1 + DC port×2
aviation terminal Maximum Current 20A
Circle Hole Maximum Current 3A

Working Environment

Protection Level


Working Temperature/Humidity

Temperature -5℃~50℃
Humidity 5%~93%, No condensation

Keeping Temperature/Humidity

Temperature -20℃~70℃
Humidity 5%~93%, No condensation

Above Sea Level

0m~4000m; >2000m, the maximum temperature will be reduced by 0.5℃ for each 100m increase

Product Size

Screen interaction

"2.2" TFT

Host Size




Host Weight




Host Packing Size




Host Packing Weight




Product characteristics

Up to 1500W AC + 240W DC Output Power

Note: “Host” is the GP solar power generation system.


There are several factors for portable power stations, which may help you better know it and choose a suitable one.

1. The large Battery capacity of at least 500Wh: Watt per hour (Wh) is a kind of measurement. A 500Wh battery, equivalent to it, can run 300W devices for one hour. For the battery of portable power stations, capacity is the main factor.

2. Rated power is 300W/ 1000W/ 1500W, pure sine wave:

3. LED screen can show details of your battery usage. Most portable power stations are only designed with a sign for the battery. But our GP power generator can check almost everything you want to know. Including solar charging situation, Battery, and Loads. The company`s website and logo designed on the screen are available.


Multiple Interfaces


7 DC outputs: 2 * USB (1A /2A), 4 * DC5521 (5V /3A max), 1 * DC Aviation plug (12V /20A max). Integrated these ports means smaller devices like phones, tablets, and portable Bluetooth speakers won't take up AC power outlets that could be used for more power-hungry items.

2 *AC universal Sockets: Compared to the 1 * AC socket solar generator in the market, our Inverter Integrated Generator has 2 high-power output sockets for each of them. It allows 2 AC devices to charge simultaneously.


1 * DC Adaptor: You`re able to charge this generator with grid power.

1 * PV input port: Except for charging this generator through grid power, PV panels are useful as well. For example, the GP1000 with solar panel 500W can generate 1000wh power.



Each of our generators integrated MPPT and pure sine wave inverter, which will convert the DC power to AC directly. The electrical waveform is as clear and smooth as the alternating current from any wall outlet. It means you`re able to power high-tech or sensitive electronic equipment loads without damage (But please make sure the power of loads), such as CPAP.

If you want to charge several devices together (Especially high power devices like laptops), at least 100W or even more. GP1000/ GP2000/ GP3000 is suitable for you. Because the low output is suitable for such mobile phones or other small electronic products.


Providing installation and wiring of a full set of solutions;

It has characteristics of simple operation, simple maintenance; integration of multiple protection, and fault monitoring.


If you are interested in our newest Inverter integrated generator GP system, which has a lighter weight, elegant appearance, and more smart touch screen, please back to HOME to search or contact us directly!

What is an MPPT Controller?

The MPPT controller detects the power generation voltage of solar panels in real time and tracks the highest voltage and current value (VI) to enable the system to charge the battery with maximum power output. It is applied in solar PV systems to coordinate the work of solar panels, batteries, and load, and is the brain of the PV systems.


1. Is this power generator Safe?

Yes. Just use them with care. To minimize the likelihood of undesirable outcomes, there are several safety rules you should be careful and abide by. Firstly, keep your device dry to avoid potential electrocution or maintenance issues. Second, please ensure your cables won`t become trip hazards.

2. How Long Can this generator work lasting?

The runtime depends on the power generator or portable power station you purchase. Different models have varying battery capacities, which affect how long they can run for recharging. Additionally, the devices and appliances you charge with will affect the runtime. Small applications like phones will last longer than high power loads (such as laptops).

3. Does the GP power system charge while in use?

Yes, this series of products can be charged continually while using. Only need you to ensure the output power won`t exceed the input power.

4. Which type of solar generator do you need?

The Inverter Integrated Generator is available in various shapes and battery capacities to meet the needs of customers. If you want to use it outdoors, it`s better to consider a compact and lightweight device. If you prefer to run high-power appliances like refrigerators for household use or long trips, you may need some generators without portability features but with high capacity. We suggest GP-3000/GP6000/ GP10000/ GP20000 for you.

Any questions, please don`t hesitate to contact me!

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