Carbon Steel Structure Solar Carport

Product model: TSP-C-XX-ST
Structure: High-strength aluminum alloy or Steel structure
PV module: Efficient Bi-facial solar panel
Inverter: Multiple MPPT string inverter
Monitoring: Mobile APP or PC cloud monitoring
Charging pile: Charging pile can be selected according to customer requirements
Energy storage system: Energy storage system can be selected according to customer requirements
Service life: 25-year design life


The Carbon Steel Structure Solar Carport in the structure and mounting of the PV panels create a durable, long-lasting and strong carport. Considering the structure and panels array, the carbon steel structure solar carport can be built in a durable, long-lasting and strong anti-pressure carport. With a reliable mounting system it increases the longevity of the carport, The PV carport can be designed to fit various numbers of vehicles, and can also provide shading and protection for vehicles, pedestrians and other assets.

There is a combiner box under each carport, solar panel on the roof are here to absorb the electricity unified storage, and then through transmission to the inverter will be DC alternating current, which can be transferred to the grid to complete power generation.

The mounting system is used to attach the PV panels to the steel structure, it holds the panels securely in place, and allows for adjustments to optimize the angle and orientation of the panels for maximum solar energy capture. It typically uses a ballasted or ground screw foundation type, which can withstand a high wind load and snow load.

The Solar Carport is mainly composed of mounting system, battery pack, solar panel, lighting and inverter control system, charging device system and lightning protection and grounding system. The mounting structure system mainly includes pillar, inclined beam fixed between the support column, purlin that is connected to the inclined beam for supporting the solar panel array and fastener for securing the solar cell array, etc.

This kind of PV carport system is a good choice for commercial or industrial applications where the carport will be exposed to heavy use and weather conditions. It's also a good option for large-scale projects, such as parking lots, where many vehicles will be sheltered.

The Types of Solar Carports

① By places: Homes, companies, shopping malls, large parking lots

② By Style: Classic, simple, modern, retro, cool

③ By car: Electric motorbike / Bicycle, Car, Bus

④ By Function: Regular carport, Smart Carport (Set with charging stations, storage system, etc.)

⑤ By Pedestal form: C, H, L, M, N, T, V, W, X, Y, Ⅳ, Ⅵ

⑥ By quantity of pedestal: Single column, double column, multi-column

⑦ By Structure: Carbon Steel, Aluminum Alloy, flexible long-span support

⑧ By surface technology: Hot Galvanizing, spray paint

⑨ By waterproof: Water-proofing, non-waterproof

⑩ By parking spaces: 1, 2, 3, multiple parking spaces (large span)

⑪ By parking rows: Single parking, double parking

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Class A fireproof, wind and earthquake resistant; high-efficiency mono-crystalline bi-facial modules, power storage and charging system are freely optional.

The characteristics of solar carport

1. It has a good absorption of heat

2. Low cost, convenient installation, good flexibility

3. Make full use of the original site to provide green energy

4. Using carbon steel material, high strength structure design

5. Large span design, reduce site construction costs

6. Suitable for household, industrial and commercial scenarios, providing heat insulation and cooling while generating green economic benefits

A solar carport system typically includes the following components

● Solar panels: These are the main component of the carport system and are responsible for generating electricity from sunlight. The solar panels are typically mounted on the roof or canopy of the carport.

● Inverter: The inverter is responsible for converting the direct current (DC) electricity generated by the solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity that can be used by the grid or by on-site loads.

● Mounting system: The solar panels are typically mounted on a racking or mounting system that is designed to securely hold the panels in place and withstand the elements.

● Monitoring system: A monitoring system is usually installed in the carport system to track the performance and output of the solar panels. This data can be accessed remotely to check the performance and detect any issues that may arise.

● Electrical conduit: Electrical conduit is used to protect and route the electrical wiring between the solar panels and the inverter.

● Roof and structure: The solar carport also has a roof and structure to protect the vehicle or assets, and also hold the solar panel.

● Other components: Depending on the design and application, additional components such as battery storage systems, shading devices, or weather sensors, may also be included in the solar carport system.


Product model



Open terrain

Elevation angle

Up to 20°

Distance between footings

7500mm above (Customized)

Snow load

Up to 150cm

Recommended wind speed

Up to 60m/s

Module orientation

Landscape, portrait


6005-T6 high strength aluminum alloy

Carbon Steel construction, spray painted surface

Solar Panel

Efficient Bi-facial PV module


Multiple MPPT string inverter


Mobile APP or PC cloud monitoring

Charging pile

Charging pile can be selected according to customer requirements

Energy storage system

Energy storage system can be selected according to customer requirements

Service life

25-year design life


XX in the Product model is the number of parking spaces, adjustable according to customer requirements

PV module, charging pile, energy storage system and inverter all can be customized.

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Packaging & Transportation





How to get a Solar Carport?

When purchasing a solar carport, you may need to consider factors such as cost, durability, energy efficiency, and design. Additionally, consider the size of the carport and whether it will be able to accommodate your vehicles, as well as the angle and orientation of the solar panels to ensure optimal energy production. To own your Carbon Steel Structure Solar Carport

Please let us know the following information to better service you:

1.If any requirement for solar panels, type, size and power.

2.Estimated planned PV carport installation capacity.

3.Please provide preliminary planning drawings or simple hand drawings marked with dimensions and orientation. And make sure which type of car needs to be parked there.

4.The requirements of structure: Material, Shape style, water resistance or not.

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