100 Watt Solar Panel Foldable

Model: TS-FO-100-01
Unfoldable Size: 1065*680*34mm
Folded Size: 575*680*34mm
Weight: 2880g
Color: Blue handler, Black PV Panel
Maximum Power: 100W
Voc: 22.37V Isc: 5.63A
Vmp: 19.61V Imp:5.1A
Output Cable: MC4 compatible terminal, 4mm, 2PV cables

100 Watt Solar Panel Foldable Product Description

People have been saving electricity through solar energy for many years, but installing bulky, rigid solar panels on rooftops is prone to space constraints. The 100 Watt Solar Panel Foldable is a foldable solar panel with multiple solar cells that convert solar energy into electrical energy quickly. It features an efficient processor, is compatible with a variety of cable terminals, and delivers 100 watts of power, enough to power small appliances. In addition, it can be folded to the size of a briefcase, which can be easily carried with one hand and unfolded anytime and anywhere for use on the roof, outdoor activities, camping, and travel activities.


1. High efficiency: This 100 Watt Solar Panel Foldable adopts Shingling technology, which can increase its photoelectric conversion efficiency to ≥24%. It processes the texture of the panel surface to make its surface rougher, thereby increasing the contact area of the solar panel with sunlight to absorb more energy.

2. High safety: This battery panel uses special lamination technology to bond multiple film materials together in order and thickness to increase stability and flame retardancy.

3. Flexible use: The battery panel adopts a foldable structural design, and each battery panel is firmly connected and can be flexibly adjusted. They can be adjusted to expand at different angles to capture more sunlight and store more electricity.

4. Customizable: It has a variety of colors to choose from, including black, blue and red. According to the customer's needs, we will provide them with customized plans in a variety of colors, sizes, and number of battery panels to make them suitable for different power projects.

Factors Affect The Charging Speed

1. Sunlight intensity: The intensity of the sunlight falling on the solar panel is the primary factor that affects the charging speed. If the sunlight is weak or the panel is not positioned correctly, it can reduce the charging speed. So, try to place your 100 Watt solar panel foldable panels in a sunny spot and adjust to angle to the best position.

2. Panel capacity: The capacity of the solar panel determines the amount of power it can produce. Higher-capacity panels can charge devices faster than lower-capacity panels.

3. Battery capacity: The capacity of the battery being charged also affects the charging speed. If the battery has a larger capacity, it will take longer to charge than a battery with a smaller capacity.

4. Type of device: The type of device being charged can also affect the charging speed. Some devices require more power than others, and some devices are designed to charge faster than others.

5. Environmental factors: Other environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and altitude can also affect the charging speed.

6. Charging cable: The quality and length of the charging cable can also affect the charging speed. A low-quality or longer cable can reduce the charging speed and efficiency.



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