Emergency Portable Power Station

Model: PS500
Capacity: 180000mAh-285600mAh/3.6V (648Wh-1028Wh)
Cell Type:18650 Lithium ion Battery
Full charged time: DC24V/6A: 7-8 hours
Material: Aluminum Alloy + ABS + PC
Product Dimensions: 346x169x226mm (L*W*H)
DC:24/5A Max (By grid /solar panel/18V-32V equipment)
Solar Charger: 18V-32V/5A Max; Adapter:DC 24V/6A
DC:9-12.5V/3A(15A Max)
AC:AC220V/50HZ or AC110V/60HZ(Pure sine wave)
Type-C:5V/3A,9V/3A,12V/3A,15V/3A,20V/2.25A 45W max
USB-A: QC 3.0 5V/3A,9V/2A
Car Cigar Lighter: 12V/5A
1.5 W lights: High /Near light with SOS/ Blink mode

Brief Description

Our Emergency Portable Power Station has very lightweight 7.8kg, it can be taken outside convenient, and which is applicable to a variety of emergency scenarios: Camping, emergency lighting, outdoor office, car start, outdoor construction, fire rescue, standby power supply, anti disaster relief, photography and digital charging.







Shell Material

Aluminum Alloy +ABS+ PC

Inner Battery

648Wh (14.4V 45Ah)

Battery Type

Lithium lon

Solar Charger

18V-32V/5A Max



AC Output



Wave Form

Pure Sine Wave


100V/110V or 220V/230V


60Hz or 50Hz

DC Output

2x USB-A QC3.0

5V/3A, 9V/2A(18W Max)


5V/3A,9V/12V/15V 3A, 20V/2.25A(45W Max)

1x DC12V


1x DC5521




Net Weight

7.8 kg

Product Dimensions


Operation Temp

0 ~45℃

Operation Humidity

0 ~ 90%

Storage Temp





① Measured by High precision current integral, digital screen accurately display the battery power.

② Foldaway ultra thin solar charger, recharged by nature, convenient for long term outdoor use.

③ AC220V/110V 500W(800W) inverter output(Pure sine wave), the emergency portable power station applicable to a variety of digital products and electrical appliances. 2*USB DC output (support QC3.0), 1*Type-C DC output (support PD3.0), it can supply power for smart devices like smartphones.

⑤ 1W high light LED lamp with two modes: High/Soft.

⑥ 500W DC 12V5A cigar lighter outlets. (800W DC 12V8A cigarette lighter output).


1. Component Description

A—LED light

B—LED light switch
C—DC charging input
D—Power display digital screen
E—DC 12V Cigarette lighter output port
F—DC 5521 Output
G—DC/AC switch
H—DC output indicator
I—Type-C Output
J—USB-A Output
K—USB-A Output
L—Air outlet
M—AC inverter output

2. Battery Display Description

(1) Display status when it`s discharging:product

(2) When it`s charging, the display shows the status:20230209144057aac313cd9b274c779d0a46838a559b6e.jpg

(3) When the side is charged, the display shows the status:product

(4) When the display shows an alarmproduct  , it may be over current protection, overload protection, over-temperature protection, too low voltage protection, short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, etc. For Battery, there are 5 conditions as following:

①Warning icon on display flashes twice: Charge over-temperature protection, will recover automatically

②Warning icon on display flashes 3 times: Discharge over-temperature protection, will recover automatically

③Warning icon on display flashes 4 times: Charge low temperature protection, will recover automatically

④Warning icon on display flashes 5 times: Discharge low temperature protection, will recover automatically

⑤Warning icon on display flashes 9 times(AC off): Total power over load protection, you should reboot to get recovery mechanism.

3. Charging Methods:

Electricity AC 220V/110V


Solar Panel


4. Output Methods:

A. 500W DC 12V/ 5V


B. AC Output


C. USB QC3.0 Output


D. Type-C Output



1. The Emergency Portable Power Station is AC100-240V, please connect matched AC voltage, connecting to non-conforming voltage is prohibited.

2. Please use solar panels provided by us to charge, solar panels not provided by us are prohibited.

3. Do not hit the battery with heavy objects.

4. Do not open the battery or rebuild the battery, the external structure.

5. Do not use wire or metal objects directly connect to the positive and negative pole of the battery.

6. Do not immerse the batter in the water or expose to the rain, May cause circuit failure and overcharge or over discharge, battery may have abnormal chemical reaction; It may lead to abnormal chemical reactions, such as fever, smoke, explosion or fire, and other phenomena.

7. Do not put the battery in the fire or heat it, which is easy to melt the battery, resulting in internal short circuit, fever, smoke, explosion or fire.

8. Do not use the battery near the fire or heat (more than 80°C); Do not store the battery in high temperature environment (>45°C) for a long time; Do not charge the battery when prolonged exposure to the sun.

9. Please keep the batter capacity above 60% before shelving, and turn all of the switches off, charge the battery within 6 months.


Q1. What is your minimum quantity?

Generally, 50 pcs for sample price. But we support 1 sample before mass production for checking the quality.

Q2. How to get emergency portable power station?

You can order online. Or start chatting for an inquiry straightly, we will reply you at ASAP.

Q3. Can you offer OEM and ODM service?

Yes, we support customization for logo, color and other unique requirements. Pls contact for more details!

Q4. How to pay for orders?

We usually accept the payment methods including PayPal, T/T, L/C or Western Union.

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