Solar Panel All Black

Full Black
Bifacial Double Glass
30 Years Product Warranty
Up to 430W
Mono-crystalline N type TOPCON
Module Power:410W ~430W
Dimensions: 1722×1134×30mm
Materials And Workmanship Warranty: 30 years
Linear Power Warranty: 30 years
Module Weight: 20.5kg
Packing Data: 36pcs/Pallet; 216(20’GP); 936(40’HQ)

Solar Panel All Black Product Introduction

Solar Panel All Black has a black appearance on both the front and back sides, black cells, and a black frame. Sleek and modern look, absorbing more sunlight.

Key Parameters (Specification)

Technology: Full Black Bifacial Double Glass PV Module

Cell Type: Mono-crystalline N type

Module Power:410W ~430W

Module Size: 1722×1134×30mm

Frame: Anodized aluminum alloy (Black)

Maximum Module Efficiency: 22%

Packing Data: 36 pcs/Pallet;216(20GP);936(40HQ)

Power Output Tolerance: 0~+5W

1st-year Degradation: -1.00%

Annual Degradation: -0.40%

Materials And Workmanship Warranty: 15 years(30 years negotiable)

Linear Power Warranty: 30 years

Dimensions: 1722×1134×30mm

Glass Thickness: 1.6mm

Module Weight: 20.5Kg

Output Cable: 4mm², cable length 300mm (can be customized)

Connector: MC4 compatible

Junction Box: IP68, 3 bypass diodes

Operating Temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃

Max. System Voltage: DC1500V

Front Static Load: Snow load 5400Pa, Wind load 2400Pa: 2000 times

Product Feature and Application

High Efficiency

PV Module efficiency is up to 22.0%, leading in the solar PV industry.

Double Sided Power Generation

Bifacial generation is up to 80%, around 30% more energy yield than normal PV Modules

Excellent Appearance And Performance

Full Black, Dual Glass, symmetrical design, low risk of micro-crack

Better Temperature Coefficient

Higher power output even under low-light conditions and environments like on cloudy or foggy days

High Reliability

15 years ~ 30 years Materials And Workmanship Warranty, 30 years Linear Power Warranty

Extensive Application Scenes

More extensive application scenes, such as Rooftops of households, rooftops of Commercial & Industry workshops, Solar Carport/Parking, BIPV, snow field, vertical installation, high humidity, strong wind, desert region and etc.

High Quality

IEC 61215, IEC 61730

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System

IEC 62716, IEC 61701:Ammonia, Salt mist corrosion test IEC TS 62804-1, IEC 60068-2-68:PID test, Dust and Sand test

Product Details





Q: What is your MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)?

A: 1*20ft container /216pcs

Q: Can you print my own logo on the product?

A: Yes, OEM/ODM is negotiable.

Q: What`s the warranty and after-sale service?

A: 15 years ~ 30 years Materials And Workmanship Warranty, 30 years Linear Power Warranty; Please refer to “Limited Warranty” for more details of after-sale services.

Q: Is DDP available?

A: Yes, with the support of our professional forwarders, all Incoterms are negotiable.

Q: Why choose Solar Panel All Black?

A: It also known as full black solar panels, are a popular choice for many solar energy systems because they have a sleek, modern appearance. They are also more efficient at absorbing sunlight, which can lead to higher energy production and greater savings on electricity costs over time. Additionally, full black solar PV modules can blend better with the aesthetic of some buildings and homes, which can be important for those looking to install solar panels on a residential or commercial property. Therefore, the portable power station fast charging type is better than the rest of the 4 methods. It has multi-ports for input and output and Type C fast charging. Flexible switching current mode to AC/DC. Meanwhile, it has a small size, which is easy to carry and suitable for short travel, small equipment can be driven.

Q: What are the advantages of Solar Panel All Black?

A: There are several advantages to using full black solar panels, including:

Aesthetics: Full black solar panels can blend well with the aesthetics of some homes and buildings because of their sleek, modern appearance. It is important to consider this when installing solar panels in a residential or commercial setting..

Efficiency: Compared to traditional solar panels, full black panels absorb sunlight more efficiently, resulting in higher energy production and lower electricity costs.

Durability: Full Black solar panels are less susceptible to discoloration and degradation over time, thereby increasing their lifespan and efficiency.

Better performance in low-light conditions: A full black solar panel performs better in low-light conditions (such as partial shading, or early morning/late afternoon) than a traditional solar panel.

Better temperature coefficient: Full black solar panels have a better temperature coefficient than traditional solar panels, which means they perform better in hot weather.

Better anti-reflective coating: Full black solar panels typically have better anti-reflective coatings, which can lead to increased energy production and better performance over time.

Q: How to calculate the amount of Solar Panel All Black for my rooftop?

A: When calculating the number of full black solar panels required for your rooftop, it is necessary to take into account the following factors: the total square footage of your rooftop, the average daily sunlight in your area, the solar panels' efficiency, and the amount of electricity you wish to generate. Utilizing this information, you can estimate the number of panels required by dividing your desired electricity output by the amount of electricity each panel can produce, which may be influenced by panel efficiency and the amount of sunlight in your area.

It is also recommended to consult with us, who will provide you with a s more accurate and professional calculation.

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