Portable Solar Panel Foldable Power Bank

Model: TS8000
Solar panel: Mono 1.5W/ piece
Color: Green, Orange, Yellow, Yellow
Battery Cells: Li-polymer battery
Capacity: 8000mAh (Full) (7566121)
Output: 1 * DC5V/2.1A, 1 * DC5V/1A
Input: 1 * DC5V/2.1A
Product Size: 155*328*15mm
Packing Size: 190 * 110 * 35mm (Brown carton)
Shell material: Plastic cement
Package: 40 * 37 * 23CM (40pcs) (16.2KG)
Weight: Product (270g) +package (50g)
Accessories: Micro cable
Other Function: Solar charging, Dual USB, Power indicator, Flash light


The Portable Solar Panel Foldable Power Bank is a charging device, which is composed of multiple foldable solar panels and connected together through connectors to form a large solar panel. Second, when the panel receives sunlight, it converts solar energy into electricity, which is then stored in a built-in battery. Finally, our device also supports USB interface charging, which you can charge through the TV, computer, or car USB port.



Solar charging

The Portable Solar Panel Foldable Power Bank come with built-in solar panels. It provides natural and clean energy to charge the power bank.

Multi-device compatibility
Our products come with a variety of compatibility options. It's compatible with a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, speakers, cameras, and anything that requires a USB charger.

Efficient charging
Our products have efficient charging systems. It charges your device quickly and safely, ensuring your device is fully charged in the shortest time.

Multiple charging ports
Our products come with multiple charging ports. It has two USB ports, a micro-USB and a USB-C port. This feature allows you to charge multiple devices at once, making it easy to charge your devices while on the move.


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