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We have professional engineering and R&D teams to provide you with professional technical support and solutions for solar energy related products. Our sales team and customer service team will provide thoughtful customer service based on customer needs.

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We have cooperated with many reliable logistics providers for many years, and you will receive a logistics solution that suits you to ensure that the products are delivered to you quickly. During the transportation process, our customer service will inform you of the progress.

3. International Certification

Our power banks have obtained multiple certifications such as CE/ROHS2.0/PSE/UL2056/FCC/UN38.3, which means you will get reliable, safe and standard-compliant products.



Solar Power Bank - Add Convenience To Your Life In A Green Way

Solar power banks collect energy from the sun and then convert it into electricity for charging electronic devices such as mobile phones, power banks, and cameras. They use the sun instead of electricity to charge themselves, and the accumulated power is then fed into a rechargeable battery that retains that power until it is needed.

Charging your phone can be quite difficult when traveling, especially for long periods of time. These portable solar phone chargers are small enough to fit in your bag, purse, or even your pants pocket. This means you can easily use them to charge your phone, flashlight, etc. when your phone is low on battery. You don't need to worry about whether the adapter will fit because the interfaces are basically universal or customizable.

Highlights Of Best Portable Solar Charger

High Power

Equipped with multiple solar panels, with a single chip power of 1.5W, this portable solar power bank has enough storage space to power your necessities, and it has a 3A high-speed charging function.


The sturdy plastic shell can provide waterproof function to protect the internal components from external moisture, and can also quickly dissipate heat, thereby extending the service life of this solar panel power bank.



Solar panels can be folded inside the device to take up less space. This design can also help prevent dust and shock to adapt to complex outdoor environments.

Good Compatibility

This folding solar power bank can simultaneously power mobile phones, cameras, computers and other devices through two USB interfaces. It takes only 8 hours to fully charge and has one-touch operation settings to start and stop charging.


What Can The Solar Power Bank Power?


It can charge most modern mobile devices such as mobile phones, Bluetooth, GPS, tablets, headphones, smart watches, laptops, GoPro and cameras, etc. By adding more solar panels, they can provide more power.




Solar panel

Mono 1.5W/ piece

Battery Cells

Li-polymer battery


8000mAh (Full) (7566121)


1 * DC5V/2.1A, 1 * DC5V/1A


1 * DC5V/2.1A

Product Size


Shell material

Plastic cement




Micro cable


Green, Orange, Yellow

Basic Operations


●【Indicators】There are 5 indicators designed on the right side. 4 blue indicators show the remaining power and 1 green indicator shows whether the solar is charging. Open the foldable solar panel and place it in the sun, the green indicator light will light up; fold the solar panel, and the green indicator light will slowly dim. Open it and it lights up again. Photosensitive lights tell you whether sunlight is effective. The remaining 4 lights show you how much power has been charged and how much power may be left without the guesswork.

●【Switch Button】There is an on/off button on the back near the light. It controls lights and power. Here you can change the flash mode and also start using power.

●【Charging】 Each solar panel is 1.5W and can be charged for more than 20 hours under direct sunlight. It only takes 4-5 hours for a wall socket.

Use Guide:


1. Electricity to charge the mobile power supply
To charge your solar power bank using electricity, plug the power bank into a USB charger using a wall outlet. The LED indicator will flash to show charging status.
2. Solar panels charge mobile power
Solar panels serve as backup power devices, giving priority to charging and utilizing solar energy. Place the power bank in a safe and bright place outdoors in direct sunlight. Green LED light shows solar charging.
3. Precautions before use
Fully charge the power bank before use for the first time. Make sure the device voltage is compatible with the power bank.

1. Do not adjust the output voltage higher than the device voltage, otherwise the device may be damaged. Please confirm before use.
2. Do not short-circuit, disassemble or throw into fire.
3. Do not disassemble the charger and battery for modification without authorization.
4. Although these solar powerbanks are waterproof backups, please do not immerse them in water.
5. For specific instructions, please refer to the user manual provided by us for details on principles of operation, safety guidelines, and any equipment-specific considerations.

Solar Power Bank Vs. Traditional Power Bank: Which One Is Right For You?

The comparison between traditional power banks and solar power banks never stops. When choosing between the two, you have to figure out the pros and cons of both and then decide which one you need based on your actual needs.

Traditional Power Bank

Solar Power Bank


*No setup required

*Not that expensive

*Simultaneous charging and discharging: The solar power bank has unique simultaneous charging and discharging capabilities, which can convert sunlight into usable energy while providing power to devices.

*Efficiency Indicators: Most solar arrays offer indicators that show a charge level bar or a digital percentage display. This helps users position the panel for optimal performance, thus charging the battery faster.

*Additional environmental benefits: Using solar panels harnesses the sun's energy, a renewable natural source.

*Longer lifespan: Solar panels and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries tend to last longer than traditional batteries. With proper care and minimal use, it can continue to provide rechargeable performance for 5-10 years or more.


*Limited capacity

*shorter lifespan

*Use of non-renewable energy

*Limited smart features

*Higher upfront cost

*Dependence on sunlight

*Installing solar panels and placing them in direct sunlight requires more energy and work than simply plugging in a traditional power bank. Panel angles, shadows, and obstructions can reduce charge conversion efficiency, and you may need to track and adjust for these issues.


Q: Are the Solar Panels waterproof?

A: Yes. Our solar panels are built to withstand the elements, including dust, rain, and snow. They are designed with rubber covers to protect them from water and dust, while general power banks are only splash-proof. It's okay to get wet in the rain, but don't immerse them in water.

Q: How Do I Know What Size Solar Charger I Need?

A: Usually the larger the capacity, the larger the size of the power bank.
You need to consider how many mobile devices you have. If you only charge small mobile devices such as mobile phones, wireless headsets, smartwatches, and tablets, you can choose a smaller size.If you need to survive outdoors for a long time without a power grid and carry small appliances such as an incubator and a laptop, we recommend that you choose a larger solar charger.

Q: What is the difference between a solar charger and a solar power bank?

A: 1. Size
Most solar chargers have a foldable design, but they are even larger than laptops when opened. As for the power bank, the one with 10000 mAh charging capacity can easily fit into your hand or pocket, making it highly portable.
2. Weight
Although most of the time power banks are smaller in size, they are usually heavier than solar chargers.
3. Price
Power banks are priced based on their charging capacity, while solar chargers are priced differently based on their power output.

Q: How long do solar banks last?

A: After being fully charged, the duration of the solar power bank depends on the charging capacity of the power bank, and it can be used for 7 days under normal circumstances.

Q: How to extend the life of solar power bank?

A: Overcharging or completely discharging the power bank may accelerate its performance degradation. Keeping the charge between 20% and 80% can extend its lifespan.

Q: If I want to wholesale solar panel phone chargers, will there be any discount?

A: Yes, please contact us for specific information.

Q: How many batteries do I need for solar bank?

A: To be honest, it depends on your actual application. Generally speaking, heavier applications require more batteries.

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