Folding Solar Power Bank

Folding Solar Power Bank

Battery Capacity: 8000mAh
Power of solar panel: 1.5W/piece
Color: Green, Orange, Yellow
Battery Cell: Li-polymer
Output: DC5V/1A DC5V/2.1A
Input: 5V 2.1A
Accessory: Micro cable
Product Size: 15.5*32.8*1.5cm

Folding Solar Power Bank Description

This Folding Solar Power Bank is suitable for hiking, camping, travelling, boating, and some emergency situations. Preparing one or two in your survival bag is necessary. The solar charging function depends on the intensity and conversion rate of sunlight.

The first power bank was showcased at CES in 2001, where a student connected several AA batteries through circuit control to provide power to other electronic products. This marked the birth of the mobile power source concept. In the years that followed, major manufacturers continued to improve and innovate, leading to the introduction of solar power banks, which can be charged by sunlight to provide electricity. Initially, they were used only in special forces and industries. However, with the increasing conversion rate of power bank solar panels, they gradually became popular among the general public. Foldable types are especially fast at charging compared to single-piece solar power banks. These mini portable power stations can be charged using sunlight or wall outlets.


Main Features

[ 8000mAh Solar Power bank ]  8000mAh high capacity external battery provides enough battery backup for your device, charging your mobile 2 times. Suitable for travel, hiking, camping, business trips, etc.

[ 1+3 in one Portable Solar Power bank]  The solar power bank combined with 3 * 1.5W foldable solar panels to ensure the faster charging than other solar power banks with single solar panel. The one-button design makes it easy to carry it in multiple scenarios. And it`s great for use as an emergency outdoor power backup.

[ 2 * USB Outputs + 1 * Micro USB Input]  Our solar power bank has 2 USB outputs (They are 2.1A and 1A respectively) + 1 Micro USB input for 2.1A, it detects your device to ensure the fastest possible charging speed through stable charging ( up to 3.1 A total ). It also allowed your low voltage Christmas lights to use at least 10 hours.

[ Emergency Outdoor Power bank]  There are 3 LED flashlight signals designed. Press longer the switch on/off button, it will work as a solid mode flashlight, press it again, SOS signal lights up. Press the button one more time, fast flashing shows. Suitable for outdoor activities and other emergency situations.

6 Reasons to get your own solar charger

1. It's Water and Dust Resistant

Since we always use the solar power source outside, the models are designed with a rubber cover to avoid from water and dust. Generally, there`s only a splash-proof function for mobile power bank. It`s not a problem if it been moistened by rain, but don't submerge them in the water.

Besides, a cloth hook can help you fix the solar power bank on the tree branches or somewhere else. This is useful during hiking holidays or festivals.

2. Lightweight And Compact

For outdoor activities, lightweight and portable is the two most important points. This solar power supply is only weight for 270g. And it can be compact by unfolding its solar panel cells, sliding into your pocket or purse to go everywhere.

3. Dual USB Charging Ports

4. It's an emergency Backup Battery

8000mAh capacity solar power bank can be customized to bigger capacity. 4 pcs of solar panels support fast charging for the battery.

5. Built-IN LED Flashlight 3 Functions Meets Your Unique Needs in Night

6. Never "Guess" How Much Power the Power Bank Has Left

The Folding Solar Power Bank built with 4 battery capacity indicators and 1 photosensitive lights for solar powered shown.

Use & Operation

There is a switching button in the backside near to the light. It controls the lights and power. You can change the flash lights mode here, also start using electricity.

[Indicators] At the right side, 5 indicators has been designed. 4 blue indicators showing how much power remains and 1 green indicator shows if the solar is charging.

Once open the foldable solar panels, and set it under the sun, green indicate lights up; fold the solar panels, the green indicate slowly dim. Open, it lights up again. Photosensitive lamp tells you if the sunlight works or not. The rest of 4 indicators shows you have no need to guess how much power it charged and how much power it may remains.

[Switching button] Control the power and lights

[Charging] Solar panel 1.5W for each pieces, you`re able to charge it by direct sun over 20 hours, wall outlet only 4-5 hours.

After a day of charging by sunlight ideally, you may have just enough or too less energy to charge your smartphone once. It depends on the size of your device's battery. It need take several days to fill the 10000mAh solar-powered mobile power supply. Make sure you always leave home with a fully charged portable power source and then you can use the folding solar panels attached to charge it during the trip. You can charge the solar mobile power through the socket. The foldable solar power bank makes up for the shortcomings of the traditional solar power bank to some extent. It can charge the battery at least twice as fast, and you can choose the specific number of solar cells according to the need, generally 4 folders, 6 folders can be chosen.

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