Wireless Charging Solar Power Bank

Model: SD08
Battery: 24000mAh in real (ODM supported)
Size: 168 * 80 * 34mm
Solar panel: 5V * 300mAh
Features: 3 * 2A built-in output Cables, 1 * 3A input cable, Dual LED lights
USB output: 22.5W max., Input: Type-C (2A 18W Bidirectional)
Wireless charging: 15W (5V*3000mah)
Color: Black, Red
Packing: Airplane Box (32pcs/ctn), 20KG

Wireless Charging Solar Power Bank Description

This Wireless Charging Solar Power Bank uses solar energy and wireless charging technology to store solar energy absorbed from sunlight in the form of chemical energy and convert it into electrical energy as needed. It is equipped with a maximum 22.5W USB output function, which can provide power to various mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and other devices without the need for power cords or cables. 

At the same time, it has a built-in large-capacity battery, with an actual rating of 24000mAh, about 70Wh, which can charge mobile phones or other devices multiple times. This enables your electronic devices to operate effectively in outdoor environments and during long journeys, allowing you to stay connected with the outside world at all times.



1. Durable: This Wireless Charging Solar Power Bank adopts solid ABS shell material and lithium polymer battery, has waterproof and shock-like effects. At the same time, its charging port is also protected by a waterproof cover, which can withstand water vapor erosion in the environment and avoid circuit short circuit problems.

2. Dual LED lights: The dual LED lights of this power supply have 3 modes, namely SOS, strobe and constant light. They can provide daily use and emergency help functions through different patterns, illuminate the darkness and guide you in the direction at night outdoors, etc.

3. Efficient: It provides multiple output ports, including 2*USB interface, Type C port, which can charge multiple devices at the same time. In addition, its charging speed ranges from 5W to 15W, which can quickly power your devices in a short time, allowing you to use your mobile phones, cameras and other devices at any time.






Can You Use A Wireless Charger With Any Phone?

Not all phones are compatible with the solar power bank. To use a wireless charger, your phone must have built-in support for the wireless charging standard.

Many newer smartphones from brands such as Apple, Samsung, Google, and others are compatible with Qi wireless charging. However, older phones may not have this feature.

If you're not sure if your phone is compatible with wireless charging, you can check the manufacturer's website or consult your phone's user manual. You can also purchase a Qi wireless charging case or adapter, which can be attached to your phone to enable wireless charging.

Wireless Charging Or Wired Charging Power Bank?

If you need to charge your phone quickly, a wired charger may be the faster option. However, if you value convenience and mobility, a wireless charger can still be a good choice, as it eliminates the need for cables and allows you to charge your phone wirelessly.


Q: Do you support customization?

A: Yes, we support OEM & ODM for bulk orders.

Q: How does a wireless solar power bank work?

A: A wireless solar power bank has a rechargeable battery and a solar panel. The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity, which is used to charge the battery. Once the battery is charged, it can be used to charge other devices wirelessly through Qi wireless charging technology.

Q: Can I charge a wireless solar power bank in the dark?

A: No, a wireless solar power bank needs sunlight to generate electricity to charge the battery. If there is no sunlight available, the battery can be charged using a wall outlet or a USB port.

Q: Can I charge my phone wirelessly with a wireless solar power bank?

A: Yes, if your phone is compatible with Qi wireless charging technology, you can charge it wirelessly with a wireless solar power bank.

Q: How long does it take to charge a wireless solar power bank?

A: The charging time of a wireless solar power bank depends on several factors, such as the size of the battery, the strength of the sunlight, and the efficiency of the solar panel. On average, it can take several hours to charge a wireless solar power bank using sunlight.

Q: Do wireless chargers work when the phone has a case?

A: Most wireless chargers are designed to work with phones that have cases, but the thickness of the case can impact the charging speed. A thin case will usually not interfere with the charging process, but a thicker case may reduce the charging speed or prevent the phone from charging altogether.

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