DC Solar Water Pump System

DC Drive motors, MPPT technology
Pump power from 250W to 3000W, solar power from 340W to 4500W, Max.
Head from 25m to 400m, Max. Flow from 2.5m³/h to 20m³/h
Full-automatic operation, environmentally friendly

Product Introduction

Our product is a water pump system that uses solar energy as a power source. Secondly, The DC Solar Water Pump System uses a DC motor, so it can directly convert the DC power generated by the solar panel into the power to drive the water pump. Finally, our solar power is 340W~4500W, and our water pump power is 250W~3000W, which has the characteristics of high power.

Key Parameters (Specification)

1. Technology: MPPT technology + DC Drive motors

2. Pump Power:250W ~3000W

3. Solar Power: 340W ~4500W

4. Max. Head: 25m ~400m

5. Rated Head: 14m ~220m

6. Max. Flow: 2.5m³/h ~20m³/h

7. Rated Flow: 1.25m³/h ~10m³/h

8. Voltage: 24Vdc ~280Vdc

9. MPPT Vmp: 24Vdc ~360Vdc

10. Input Voc Max: 50Vdc ~450Vdc

Product Feature

Energy efficient

Our products use solar energy to generate electricity and require no external energy supply. Secondly, we can efficiently utilize light energy to solve the problem of low energy conversion efficiency in traditional water pump systems and greatly save energy.

The DC Solar Water Pump System can flexibly adjust the power to adapt to different water depths, flow rates and pump efficiencies. At the same time, the system can also increase and decrease its capacity as needed to cope with changing water demands.

Easy maintenance
Our products do not require a lot of maintenance work on the motor, and only require regular cleaning and testing of the solar photovoltaic panels to ensure their normal operation.

Flexible and diverse
Our equipment can be configured according to different water needs. Its use and management are very convenient and flexible, and can meet the needs of different occasions.

Product Details




Q: What is your MOQ(Minimal Order Quantity)?

A: 1*20ft container or 10 sets.

Q: Is it possible to have my own logo printed on the product?

A: Yes, OEM/ODM is negotiable.

Q: What`s the warranty and after sale service?

A: 1 year for the whole System, designed life could be up to 25 years.

Q: Is DDP(Delivered Duty Paid) available?

A: Yes, Our professional forwarders can provide support for negotiating all Incoterms.

Q: How much area can a system irrigate?

A: The capacity of a pump to cater to a certain area of land varies based on several factors, such as groundwater levels and the irrigation needs of the crop. While it is commonly believed that a 2 HP pump can cater to approximately 2 acres of land, and a 7.5 HP pump can cater to about 10 acres of land, this data is just for reference, which may not hold true in all cases.

Q: What maintenance is required for a solar-powered pump?

A: Regularly cleaning the solar panels is the only minimal maintenance required by the system. This is necessary to maintain the efficiency of the panels, as the accumulation of dust and dirt on the surface reduces its exposure to irradiation.

Q: Does the performance of the solar water pumps get affected over the years of use?

A: Solar water pumps have a much longer lifespan than diesel pumps and can continue to generate electricity for over 25 years.

Q: How does one know if they should use a submersible or a surface pump?

A: Motor pump sets are classified based on the water source and groundwater level. For borewells with water tables deeper than 10-15 meters, submersible pumps are preferred, whereas surface pumps are suitable for open wells, ponds, etc. Surface pumps are installed when the water level is less than 10 meters. Depending on the classification, various types of motor pump sets are available.

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