200 Watt Portable Power Station

Model: BS100
Power: 130Wh
Cell Type: 18650 Lithium ion Battery
Size (L*W*H): 20.4 * 9 * 16.1cm
Net weight: 1.5kg
Adapter: 12.9V/2A Max
Solar panel: 12.9V-24V/2A Max
AC Power: 100W Peak Power: 200W
4 * DC 5525: 9V-12.6V/2A
2 * USB-A: DC 5V/2A

200 Watt Portable Power Station Description

BS100 is an all-in-one and supply peak power 200 Watt Portable Power Station that can be used for various outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, and RV travel. It serves as an off-grid energy storage power supply and an emergency power supply during electricity outages. The power station integrates chargers, a lithium-ion battery, an AC/DC inverter, and DC output outlets, including 5V USB and DC 12V outlets. With a modified sine wave inverter that provides 100W power from the AC outlet, the BS100 can power various devices such as TVs, fans, and lamps. Moreover, the USB outlets can power your laptop, tablet, smartphone, and other electronic gadgets. To charge the power station, you can use the included adapter when you have access to utility power at home, or a solar panel when you're outdoor.

Application Scenarios:

● Emergency Power - It comprises emergency charging of electronic devices. The demand for emergency power is driven by the increasing number of power outages due to severe weather events such as storms, earthquakes, and lightning, aging power grid infrastructure and other times that overburden transformers, electric cables, and other transmission and electrical distribution equipment. It’s specially designed for off gird areas for Africa, South-East Asia, South Asia, etc.

● Off-grid Power - The market in the off-grid segment is being driven largely by the increasing camping and outdoor recreational activities in Europe and areas with poor utility grid. It reduce the usage of diesel generator and provides power without causing any kind of noise, fumes and less pollution. Its demand may be seasonal in certain camping activities, like visiting water parks during summers or during the rainy season. But the off grid people needs power all them time from such energy storage units.

Product Features

1. Strong and durable plastic shell

2. Two palms size with lightweight

3. Internal high energy density lithium ion battery with capacity from 130Wh to 162Wh for different demands

4. 4 LED indicators show battery capacity during charge and discharge

5. Independent switches of main on/off, flashlight and floodlight

6. AC 100W inverter output powers various digital products and electrical devices, like laptop, fan, TV, etc.

7. Dual USB 5V/2A ports charge most USB-enabled devices, like cellphone, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.

8. Four DC 12V/2A ports with DC lamps offer extendable lighting demands

9. 5 watts LED floodlight with maximum 25+ hours lighting

10. 1.5 watt LED flashlight with maximum 80+ hours lighting

11. Unique charging functionality supports voltage from DC 12.9V to 24V

12. Two ways to recharge by solar panel and included AC/DC adaptor

13. The implementation of an integrated circuit design enhances the safety, quality, efficiency, and functional performance of the product.

Technical Parameters





(1) Charging by Wall Outlet


(2) Charging by Solar Panel



1) AC outlet for lamp, fan, laptop and other small household or electronics appliances;

2) USB-A ports for smart phones, cameras, e-readers, tablet, wearable device, etc;

3) DC 5525 ports for WiFi router, etc or use it as 12V battery


3. Packing List

1* Power Station

1* User Manual

1* AC/DC Adapter

1* LED Light Bulb



* Before using the 200 Watt Portable Power Station, please follow the basic precautions and read all instructions

When charge the product by included AC/DC adapter from AC wall outlet, please make sure the utility voltage meets the specifications. The standard input voltage of AC/DC adapter is AC100-240V. It's forbidden to connect the adapter to the voltage out of the standard range.

Please use the solar panel provided by the factory for charging. It' s prohibited to use solar panel for product charging which is not provided or verified by the factory.

Do not hit the product with heavy objects.

Do not disassemble the product or modify the internal or external structure.

Do not use metal wires, metal objects or other conductors to connect two electrodes of battery directly.

Do not immerse the 200 Watt Portable Power Station in water or other liquids or expose it to rain, which may cause circuit failure. Abnormal chemical reactions may occur, resulting in fever, smoke, explosion or fire.

Do not put the product into a fire or heat. It may cause heat, smoke, explosion or fire.

Do not use or place the product near fire or other heat sources over 80℃.

Do not store the product in high temperature over 45℃ for a long time.

For long term storage, please charge the battery to maintain more than 60% capacity, turn off all switch and charge it every 6 months.

Close supervision is required when using this product near children.


1. Which devices can be powered by the Portable Power Station?

Please check the specification label of your device and make sure the power rating and voltage range meets the power output of the product. For example, the AC output outlet can power most of device with power rating lower than 100 watt, and the USB-A ports power most of the USBenabled devices.

2. How long can the product power my devices?

The backup time depends on the power rating of your device. For e.g. a 50w laptop can be powered for more than 2.5 hours (130wh / 50w)

3. How long can the battery be stored after one charge?

The internal battery can maintain its capacity for 1 year after full charge. But we strongly recommend recharging the battery every 6 months.

4. Can the product be charged and discharged/output at the same time?

Yes, the product can be charged by solar panel or AC/DC adaptor and power your device simultaneously.

5. Is the internal battery replaceable?

Please contact our service center for any technical issues or modifications to the 200 Watt Portable Power Station.

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