Portable Solar Battery Lighting Kit

Portable Solar Battery Lighting Kit

Model: TS - 8017
Solar Panel: 6V 3W
Build-in battery: 9000MAH rechargeable lithium ion battery
Charging: Solar /DC 5V-15V /AC charger ( Adaptor )
USB Output: 5V / 800mAh
Color: Black (Support ODM)
Packaging Size: 24*9.5*18CM
Master Carton: 59.5*39*39.5CM / 20PCS
Lifespan: 5000 hours
Charging time: 6-10 hours
Working Time: 12H (3 bulbs)
Applications: Solar charging, emergency lighting, Mobile charging, radiogram, camping, Night Marketing


Our product is a portable solar cell lighting system suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Secondly, the main function of Portable Solar Battery Lighting Kit is to capture sunlight and convert it into electricity for use in batteries and lamps; and we are equipped with large-capacity batteries that can be used continuously for about 6-12 hours when fully charged. Finally, our products can also be used as backup lighting systems in emergency situations.












Supply power for mobile phones, MP3 players and other 5V electronic equipment




3. 3 * 3W LED BULB

4. USB CABLE (3 IN 1)


Household lighting power supply, outdoor emergency power supply appliances, mobile phones and other DC powered equipment!


Highly portable
The Portable Solar Battery Lighting Kit adopt a detachable design, which can be easily carried outdoors to meet the needs of various outdoor activities.

Our products can not only provide light for indoor spaces but also charge mobile devices through USB interfaces, greatly improving the convenience of life.

Our equipment is powered by solar energy and integrates solar panels, lithium batteries, and LED bulbs to achieve autonomous charging and lighting.

One button control
Our product design is simple, and users can control all the lamps inside with one switch. This switch also has a light brightness adjustment function, and users can adjust the brightness of the light as needed.

Components of the Solar Kit

1. Solar panel

For powering the whole system. Minimum 3 W with a maximum weight of 7 kg.

Shall have protection from outdoor exposure

2. Box or Main Unit

The unit have ports for connecting the appliances and charging a mobile phone. Compatibility for lots of digital devices. The connecting ports on the unit also symbolically show light / solar charge / mobile ports for easy understanding.

Portable- with a handle for easy movement

Built-in Battery: 6000 mAh, Lithium ion battery contained inside the main unit


Material: ABS

Ports: 3 * DC bulbs, 1 * USB

Status indicators

●Battery status indicator

●Solar strength indicator

3. Lights

3 LED bulbs, each of 3 W totaling to 9 W power. Each light of solar battery lighting kit have at least 5 meters DC wire (cord) with proper connection to the battery unit and a power on/off button. Each bulb with proper socket at one end for the bulb and to a connector for the main unit at the other end.

Number of light bulbs: 3 * LED Lights

Current type: Direct Current (DC)

Power: 3 W /pc

Voltage: 12V

Wire length: 5-Meter /pc

Total Accessories:

3W Solar Panel *1

36Wh Battery * 1

3W LED Bulb *3

3 IN 1 USB Cable *1


Q: Could you print our company LOGO on the nameplate and package?

A: Yes, we support OEM and ODM service.

Q: How long it can be used?

A: Around 10 years. (Just need replace the battery once a year). And our battery can last around 1 years with proper maintenance. To maximize the lifespan of the battery, it`s better to recharge the battery after fully discharged at time.

Q: Should I buy an extra charger for my battery?

A: No the batteries in your solar kit can be charged by the solar panel. The battery must be properly charged before initial use, with the switch in the "off" position, and the solar lamp placed in direct sunlight for 3 to 4 consecutive days.

Q: How long does the LED last?

A: You never have to replace the LED bulbs. LED's lifespan will run up to 100,000 hours.

Q: What`s the advantage of portable solar battery lighting kit?

A: It`s affordable, 0 electricity cost, reliable and extensive.

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