Solar Portable Power Station

*Excellent Power Output
*Large Capacity Storage
*Multiple Output Interfaces
*Smart Protection


Why Choose Us?

International Standard Factory Quality Control

We have ISO 9001; ISO14001, ISO45001 international standards.

Certification From Multiple Agencies

The products have passed TUV, IEC, CB, CE, CQC certification.

Strong Technical And After-Sales Service Support

We offer a warranty and take full responsibility for the product.

The innovative R&D team provides a full range of services from technical consultation to OEM customization.

Reliable Quality

We use lithium iron phosphate batteries supplied by well-known companies to ensure quality and reliability.

What Is Solar Portable Power Station?

A solar portable power station is a small, compact device designed to convert sunlight into electricity. Secondly, by using solar panels, the device can harness the sun's energy and convert it into usable electricity. Finally, it often come with battery packs that can be charged during the day to power a variety of devices such as smartphones, laptops, cameras, and even small appliances like mini refrigerators and electric stoves.productHow Does A Solar Power Station Work?

The working principle of portable solar generators is to convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it in batteries for emergency use. A specialized device called a "charge converter" regulates the voltage and current, preventing the battery from overcharging. The following is its entire working process:

(1) When the solar panel receives solar energy, it converts it into direct current and then sends it to the charge controller.

(2) The charge controller functions by regulating the voltage before the storage process. This function lays the foundation for the next stage of operation.

(3) The battery stores an appropriate amount of electrical energy.

The inverter is responsible for converting the electrical energy stored in the battery into AC power, which is used to run most electrical appliances.

Main Features

1. Excellent Power Output

Our products can handle heavy equipment with ease and deliver more power for longer with their next-generation high-efficiency inverter technology. It has 3,600 watts of power output and 7,200 watts of surge power, which is 80% more powerful than our previous generation.

2. Large Capacity Storage

We often have large-capacity battery storage with high-performance lithium batteries, allowing you to conveniently charge outdoors and use power to power your devices when needed.

3. Multiple Output Interfaces

Our equipment usually contains multiple output interfaces, allowing you to power different devices at the same time, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, lamps, etc.

4. Smart Protection

Most of our solar portable power stations are controlled by smart chips and come with their own battery management system, which can effectively protect the battery from short circuit, overcharge, over-discharge and other battery problems, as well as prevent other safety issues caused by equipment damage.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Solar Charging Station?

(1)No External Power Supply Required

Our best-selling one has a built-in battery that is charged through the solar panel to provide stable power support for outdoor activities or disasters.

(2)Excellent Security

This portable generator features an ultra-safe battery management system that fully protects charging and discharging.

(3)High Conversion Efficiency

Our conversion efficiency is as high as 22%, enabling us to generate electricity in low light conditions.

(4)Waterproof And Durable

We use advanced lamination technology and premium ETFE laminate materials to protect the mini USB solar panel charger from the elements, including rain, wet fog, snow, freezing temperatures, and heat.

Charging And Output Methods



● Wall socket: 100-240V

● DC: Car port 12V

● Solar charger 12-25V power station

● 2 USB-A outputs (5V/3.1A)

● 1 USB-C output (12V/1.5A 9V/2A)

● 2*110V/300W pure sine wave AC sockets

● 2*DC port outputs (12V/8A 24V /3A)

● 1 cigarette lighter port (12V/8V/8V/3A)

Application Scenarios

● Outdoor activities

● camping

● wild adventure

● small generator

● Home emergencies Backup (power outage, hurricane)

● Provide energy for small appliances


Hot Selling Solar Portable Power Stations

Rechargeable Solar Generator200 Watt Portable Power StationEmergency Portable Power Station

Precautions For Use

Charge Before Use---It needs to be charged before first use. Use it again after fully charging to maximize its effectiveness.

Save Correctly---When not in use, it needs to be stored in a dry, ventilated, and dark place to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt.

Configure The Device Correctly---You need to correctly configure each device, including solar panels, cables, chargers, touch screens, batteries, etc., to avoid unnecessary losses and failures.

Avoid Overuse---Pay attention to the load and usage time when using it. Don't be greedy for convenience and use high-power equipment at one time, causing the battery to drain quickly.


Q: How Long Will My Power Bank Or Power Station Hold A Full Charge If Unused?

A: If unused, power banks and power stations are typically capable of holding a full charge for 12-14 months. However, we highly recommend using and charging the battery every 3-4 months for a healthy lifespan and storing your power bank or power station plugged into the wall or solar panel if possible.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Modified-Sine Wave Inverter And Pure-Sine Wave Inverter?

A: Modified-sign wave inverters are the most common inverters on the market. They work great with small electronic equipment, usually anything that includes an AC power cable with the box, like what your laptop comes with. Pure-sign wave inverter produces an output that is exactly the same as supplied by an AC wall plug in your house. Although integrating a pure-sine wave inverter takes more components, it produces power output that makes it compatible with almost all AC electric devices you use in your house.

Q: What Is Your Minimum Quantity?

A: Generally, the sample price is 50 pieces. But we support mass production first 1 sample to check the quality.

Q: Do Generators Have To Be Maintained?

A: All charging stations require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance for years of reliable service. We recommend that you have your unit serviced every 6 months by an authorized independent service dealer. Refer to your owner's manual for routine maintenance procedures and schedules.

Q: How Long Does It Take For The Portables Generator(S) To Recharge To 100%?

A: It takes at least 3.3 hours to reach 80% charge via the included AC charging cable.

Q: Will All Solar Generators Be Equipped With Solar Panels?

A: YES! Our company offers 100W solar panels as an accessory. And up to four solar panels can be used simultaneously.

Q: Is There A Model That Supports Wifi Bluetooth Connectivity?

A: Available models do not currently support Wifi Bluetooth connectivity.

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