Solar Powered Floodlight Security Camera

Solar Powered Floodlight Security Camera

Model: TS-SC568-6M-12X
Power supply mode: Solar +Battery
Operating system: Android, IOS
Pixel: 2048*1536 6MP
PTZ angle: Horizontal 350°, Vertical 90°
Storage: Cloud storage, Local storage(TF Card)
Solar cell power: 6W
Maximum working power: 4W
Working Environment: Indoor/Outdoor, -30°~+60°
Memory: Cloud storage (alarm recording) +TF Card


This Solar Powered Floodlight Security Camera is a surveillance camera powered by solar energy, has a pixel size of 2048*1536 6MP. Equipped with solar panels and built-in batteries, it captures sunlight and then converts it into electricity, enabling continuous monitoring operations throughout the day. The camera pan can be fixed at 90° vertically on any plane and rotated 350° horizontally to monitor images from many angles. At the same time, it can be connected to the Internet via Wifi, so that users can monitor and control the surveillance area through their smartphones at any time. At the same time, it can record video to TF card or cloud, and use infrared technology to monitor motion and send alerts to your mobile phone when abnormality is detected.


1. High-definition: The Solar Powered Floodlight Security Camera has 6MP ultra-high-definition resolution and 12x zoom function, which can provide clear monitoring images and support real-time remote viewing from near and far to ensure the safety of the monitoring area.

2. Voice call: The camera has a built-in microphone speaker. When your family, postman or delivery person comes to your door, you can chat with them through the instant call function to avoid missing important information.

3. Weather-resistant: It is made of durable metal parts and plastic shell, with multiple LED lamp beads and other materials, reaching IP65 waterproof rating. It is rainproof, dustproof, and snowproof, can withstand temperatures ranging from -30° to +60°, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

4. Cloud storage function: It can be used with TF storage card and save all videos in the card or cloud storage by connecting to the Internet. This enables all videos to be replayed and downloaded directly through the app, so you won't miss any important footage and can watch surveillance recordings at any time.

There are a lot of benefits of it



Product Name

solar powered floodlight security camera

Product NO



6MP Super HD resolution

Power Supply

6W Solar Panel

Built-in 12000mA battery


2048*1536 6MP


Cloud storage +TF Card

PTZ Angle

Horizontal 350° vertical 90°

Net Weight


Factors To Consider

A. Solar + Battery→Free Energy

B. Fast sleep + Fast Wake-up

C. Cloud storage and TF Card

D. PIR Motion Alarm

E. 6MP Super HD High-performance + Full color

F. Waterproofing and Durability

G: Free Rotation

H: Clear night Vision


● Free energy: It uses solar panels and built-in batteries to provide uninterrupted power all day without increasing your electricity bill.

● Easy to install: It does not require any wiring and can be installed anywhere you want.

● Remote monitoring: The camera can be integrated with a mobile app, allowing you to access the camera's footage and remotely view live footage and receive alerts.

● Color infrared night vision: Built-in 4 infrared floodlights, the camera's night vision has 3 modes: infrared mode/color mode/smart mode.








How To Use And Maintain Your Solar Camera


1. Install the Solar Camera in a location that receives ample sunlight during the day, by either Integrated installation or Extended installation, which will ensure that the solar panel charges the battery well and the camera can operate throughout the night.

2. Install the UBOX App and link the Camera accordingly, then get familiar to control the rotation and zooming by App, you can also check the battery level of the camera by your app which allows you to monitor the battery level remotely.

3. Clean the solar panel regularly to ensure maximum efficiency. Dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate on the solar panel and reduce its ability to absorb sunlight. Wash in clean water and then use a soft cloth to wipe the surface and remove any debris.

4. Check the camera's firmware regularly and update it if necessary. This will ensure that the camera is running smoothly and has the latest security features.

5. Save photos and videos in Cloud Storage or TF Card, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere, providing you with remote access to your recorded footage. Cloud storage also offers additional security by protecting your footage from being lost or stolen in case the camera is damaged or stolen. TF card, on the other hand, is a more cost-effective option for storing your footage locally and can be easily replaced or upgraded as needed.

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