Generator Portable Power Station

Model: GP-6000
Battery capacity: 3000Wh(48V 60AH)
Battery Type: LiFePO4
Battery cycle: 3000 times
MPPT controller: 48V 20A
Output power: 3000W(Pure Sine Wave)
Output voltage: AC220V
Output interface: AC x 3, AC main output x 1
Input interface: PV × 1, grid x 1, diesel generator x 1
Auto switch between grid power and PV, and manual switch to diesel generator
Daily electricity generation: 6000Wh

Generator Portable Power Station Description

The Generator Portable Power Station might be the most versatile solar generator on the market! It`s a “PV, controller, inverter, energy storage" integrated system with wheels, easy to move. It built with extremely efficient and high quality components, the solar generator provides reliable solar backup power for any situation.

You can charge the solar generator in three ways:

① from any standard wall outlet;

② from any compatible solar panels;

③ with a diesel generator. Charging time is around 4-5 hours.

The large capacity generator also has MPPT charge controller which can handle up to 1300W of solar input. Both the solar panels and the standard AC wall plug included with the product allow for extremely fast recharging of the batteries.

What Can Generator portable power station (Per 3000wh Battery) power?

Smartphones (5-7W ): 430+ hours

iPad ( 12W ): 250+ hours

Tablets (25-40W): 100+ hours

Laptops (50W): 600+ hours

Air conditioner (800W): 3+ hours

Electric Blanket (Queen Size, 75 watts): 46+ hours

Refrigerator (55W): 36+ hours

CPAP Machine (30W): 100+ hours

Key Features

1. A system with high integration

The PV system, inverter, battery controller and storage backup are integrated into a highly integrated system

2. Multiple interfaces

Input: 1 PV, 1 Grid, 1 Disel generator port. Output: 1 AC total interfaces and 3 AC ports.

3. LFP battery with extremely high capacity

Using high-performance LiFePO4 batteries that meet automotive industry standards. They have a cycle life of up to 5000 times and can discharge up to 95% of their capacity.

4. Applying core technology with our independent patent

The system utilizes innovative SEMD (Smart Energy Management and Distribution) technology that allows for automatic switching between utility power, diesel generators, and photovoltaic sources. Additionally, its intelligent SCD (Simultaneous Charging and Discharging) BMS (Battery Management System) helps to extend battery life, and the unique MPPT technology improves its stability.

5. Protections for safety and reliability usage

10 designed system protections including over voltage protection, over current protection, over discharge protection, over charge protection, etc. to ensure maximum safty, reliability, and protection.

6. 24 hours UPS (uninterruptible power supply)

( GP-6000: 240W; GP-10000: 400W; GP- 20000: 800W )

The system has superior power generation capabilities, especially in low light conditions. Furthermore, the high-capacity energy storage guarantees the power supply uninterrupted .

Details of Generator Portable Power Station

1. Battery is the core.

① High temperature resistance

② Long life, the lithium battery can be recycle used for more than 5000 times

③ Green power

④ Excellent security

⑤ No memory effect

⑥ Light weight and small volume

⑦ Excellent fast charging characteristics

⑧ High magnification, high current discharge

2. Exquisite Appearance


A. HD LCD touch screen Easy operation

B. 4 simple indicators

C. Embedded cable

D. Curved design at the top has texture

E. Frosted and Plastic sprayed

F. One button start

3. Technical Parameters


The Difference of Battery Between LFP and VRLA

Lithium iron phosphate battery

1. Lightweight and compact

Under the same capacity, the volume and weight of lithium battery should be 1/ 3 smaller and 2/ 3 lighter.

2. Super long service life

1C / 1C charge and discharge for more than 3000 times, easy to use for 10 years.

3. Strong driving force

Support high current discharge and discharge depth up to 95%

4. Safety and green

No combustion, no explosion, no pollution

Lead acid battery

1. Bulky

Large product volume and weight

2. Short life

Battery life is about 1-1.5 years

3. Poor output efficiency

The discharge depth is only 50%, and half of the battery capacity cannot be used.

4. Pollute environment

It contains heavy metal lead and electrolyte solution, which seriously pollutes the soil and water.


Q1: Do we have bigger system than 6kW/10kW? or how to connect the system for a bigger customer demand such as 5kW/10kW 2 or 3 systems connect together in one site like 20kW or 30kW solar rooftop?

A: For the same series, we have 6kW, 10kW and 20kW three models. You can connect two or more agave AIO systems with grid ports paralleling to meet the 20kW or 30kW solar system.

Q2: Do you have a ranking and market share info in China and worldwide?

A: We`re cooperating with an innovative company in battery and inverter industry. The whole team is well experienced. Most of them have SMA working experience. We can guarantee our customers the cut edging, reliable, safe and cost efficient products.

Q3: Do we need to install additional inverters in case installed Solar panels for On-Grid system?

A: In order to simplify the installation and decrease cost, the AIO system is designed delicately and highly integrated. For our customers, there is no more extra accessories or inverters to buy. You get one AIO system, you get all.

Q4: Is there a device to block the power back to the grid power line of the electricity utility company?

A: Yes. This device, or as to say this function, is well integrated in the Generator Portable Power Station system.

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