Rechargeable Solar Generator

> Output power: Rated power 1200W, Peak Power: 2400W
> Battery Capacity:1170Wh
> Battery:18650 Lithium ion Battery
External battery: 1395Wh(Optional)
> Battery Cycle:800+ times
> Input:
Solar Panel: 400W Max
Car Charge: 12-24V 10A, 240W Max
Adaptor: 42V / 7A (Only for external battery)
> Output:
AC: 230V-100V,50/60HZ(Pure sine wave)
4* USB-A QC18W
2* Type-C PD 100W / 45W
1* Cigarette Lighter: 13.5V/8A
2* DC5521:13.5V/3A
> Size: 430*257*261.5mm
> Material : ABS + PC
> Color: Green/Grey

Rechargeable Solar Generator Description

Our Rechargeable Solar Generator portable power storage battery can be recharged by the sunlight through solar panels; it also can be fully charged by AC/DC adaptor and 13.5V 8A car charger. Its 1200W high power supports various home applications and electronic tools.

【Quiet Equipment & Eco-friendly Clean Energy】: Our solar generator applying Lithium ion Battery, low voice and no need fuel or gasoline, no smoke. It helps to involve all mankind in the protection of green environment.

【1170Wh Capacity】: The Emergency Power Station with 1200W power, 1170Wh/ 500000mAh battery capacity, equals 1.17kWh electricity, 20pcs of big power bank, it can meet almost all your needs for emergency use or short-time trip. Eliminate the powerless worry, especially when your equipment has no power and power outages in home.

【3 Types Output Ports】: Rechargeable solar generator power station suitable for lots of devices:

110V/220V AC outputs can charge your tablet, laptop, fan, Christmas lights etc;

12V DC Ports can be used for a car refrigerator, DC cooling fan, mp3, etc;

Type C and USB ports can charge your phones, drones, GPS, curtain lamp,etc.

【3 Kinds Input Ways】: Our portable solar power station can be recharged from the sun with a solar panel (Separate sale); can be fully charged by being plugged into the wall outlet (Adaptor INCLUDED), and it can also be charged by plugging into your car socket.





1. Extendable Battery: The capacity of the PS1200 Rechargeable Solar Generator can reach 1170Wh. In addition, the same large capacity of the external battery pack can last for it. It is large enough that you don't have to worry about electricity consumption when you go out.


2. Quick charge: This battery storage has Type C fast charging port, which supports 45W-100W devices.

3. PV Charging: Endless power support 400W PV charging, the endless power makes sure that you can enjoy at any time and anywhere. Constant power supply is suitable for outdoor camping.

4. Tech-savvy look: LED Screen showing battery capacity, which can better control your usage of power. ABS black cover protect socket and interferes, which color combined the grey mental shell very well.






What's included in the power generator package?

1*Portable Power Station

1*Solar Charger


1*User Manual

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: 1pc/ brown carton

Lead Time:

Quantity 1~100, 14 days

Quantity 101~500, 30 days

Quantity >500, To be negotiated


Model Number

Model: EB4

Model: EB6

Model: EB4

1080Wh (30Ah/36V)

1170Wh (32.5Ah/36V)

External Battery(Optional)

1395Wh(37V 37.7Ah)

Battery type

Lithium - ion battery


Pure sine wave ( Bi-directional inverter ); UPS function available

Input recharging

Adaptor: 42V / 6A (For External Battery)

Car Charger: 12-24V 10A, 240W Max

Solar panel: MPPT 12V-42V 10A, 400W Max

Built-in Charger, charge time: about 3 hours

AC output

Rated power: 1200W

Rated power: 1500W

Rated power: 2400W

Rated power: 3000W

110V / 240V, 50Hz / 60Hz (customizable)

DC Output

4 x USB A: 5V~9V 18W Max

USB-C 1 : 5V/9V/12V/15V@3A, 20V/2.25A, 45W Max

USB-C 2 : 5V/9V/12V/15V@3A, 20V/5A, 100W Max

Car Cigarette lighter: 13.5V/8A

2 x DC5521: 13.5V/3A

Power indicator

LCD display


430 * 257 * 242 mm


About 11.0Kg

About 11.5Kg

Warm Notes

* To avoid safety problem with electricity, please take it away from heat sources when you`re using this power storage.

* Do not charge in an environment below 0℃ or expose under the sunlight.

* Use the special charger provided with the carp battery

* Do not short circuit the positive and negative terminals at the battery connection

* Do not place the battery in a damp place, soak in water, or get wet

* Please do not modify or remove the battery without authorization

* Do not drop the battery or squeeze it by force.

* Keep out of reach of children. Store in a place cool and dry.

* Solar panel will be separately sold, we provide folding solar panels with different power.


Q: Can I buy one or two units for the sample first?

A: Yes. Samples are welcome for the rechargeable solar generator. Please contact our sales manager to place the order. After qualified checking we provide OEM during mass production.

Q: Which devices can be powered by the product?

A: Please check the specification label of your device and make sure the power rating and voltage range meets the power output of the product. For example, the AC output outlet can power most of device with power rating lower than 1200 watt, and the USB-A ports power most of the USB enabled devices.

Q: How much power should I need?

A: There are two questions need to be confirmed.

First, make sure the maximum consumption of your max. power device. And then confer our peak power. Second, to figure out how long do you want it last.

Q: How to charge the solar generator?

A: There are three ways to charge the rechargeable solar generator power station. By grid, solar panel and car charger. You`re able to charge the backup by main electric when you`re at home or the place convenient to charge. While satying at the powerless site or traveling outside, solar panels and car chargers can also charge the battery station.

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