Hybrid Diesel Generators Kit

Model: GP-20000
Daily electricity generation: 20000Wh
Battery capacity: 10000Wh(48V200AH)
Battery cycle: 3000 times
MPPT controller: 48V 60A
Output power: 5000W(Pure Sine Wave)
Output voltage: AC220V
Input interface: PV × 1, grid x 1, diesel generator x 1
Output interface: AC x 3, AC total output x 1
Auto switch between grid power and PV, and manual switch to diesel generator

Hybrid Diesel Generators Kit Description

The Hybrid Diesel Generators Kit is a hybrid power generation system that combines solar energy and generator technology. It is mainly composed of silicon solar panels, photovoltaic inverters and diesel generator sets. It makes full use of renewable solar energy storage, with photovoltaics as its main output. When solar resources are insufficient, its diesel generator will work and supply power as a backup power source to ensure simultaneous charging and discharging and support all-weather continuous operation. This system is often used for power supply in outdoor or remote areas, such as camping and field scientific research projects. It can significantly reduce the cost of using fossil fuels and reduce environmental impact.


1. Safety: The battery of this Hybrid Diesel Generators Kit is equipped with a BMS control circuit, which can manage and monitor the battery status in real time, and provide functions such as charge and discharge control and battery protection. It ensures the normal operation of the battery, extends battery life and avoids explosion problems.

2. Flexible use: The unit is equipped with a variety of AC output interfaces, compatible with three energy storage methods: power grid, diesel and solar energy, and can be used continuously 7*24 hours. It can also power entire homes, commercial and industrial owners.

3. Efficient: It adopts MPPT solar control technology, configures ultra-fast charging algorithm, and uses the charge controller to monitor the power of the solar panels to ensure maximum output power. Compared with cloudy days, it can effectively increase charging efficiency by 10% on cloudy days.

4. Durable: The LiFePO4 battery of this unit has high storage power and long life, its energy density is as high as 200Wh/kg, and it has more than 5,000 charge and discharge cycles. At the same time, its discharge depth can reach 95%, which maintains the density ratio of the battery at a high level and will not cause light loss of power when not used for a long time.

Hybrid Diesel Generators Kit


Hybrid generators are commonly used in agricultural projects, construction, events, telecommunications projects, remote power supply and disaster relief.

The telecommunications industry often uses hybrid generators to power base stations (BTS), especially in remote areas.

Benefits Of Hybrid Generators

Solar hybrid diesel generators have several benefits:

- Reduced fuel consumption and emissions (30% - 50% reduction)

- Reduced C02 emissions - significant reduction in environmental impact

- Increased reliability with backup power

- Cost-effective in the long run. Additional power to meet peak electricity demand

- Instant switching - no time lag to start generator motors

- No step-load issues - 100% power on demand.

- Scalable to meet power needs

- Suitable for remote locations

- Low noise and low emissions.

Why Do You Need It?

Not all solar electric systems or wind electric power generation systems have the ability to generate enough power to meet your needs. In places where it rains or snows a lot, it can limit the amount of solar or wind power that can be generated.


1. Generator

2. Utility power input line

3. Diesel input line

4. Total input line

5. PV input line6 ground wire

7. Fast fuse 8 MC4 connector

9. Y-type Three-way MC4 connector (positive pole)

10. Y-type Three-way MC4 connector (nagative pole)11 Photovoltaic DC line (positive pole)

12. Photovoltaic DC line (negative pole)

13. Instruction

14. Certificate + warranty card

15. Packing list + precautions + installation instructions

16. photovoltaic module (Optional)

Our Hybrid Diesel Generators Kit is the type of all-in-one integrated smart machine/ Intelligent power allocation throughout the house/ AC output. Owning one, saving cost a lot!

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