Solar Power Station In Africa

>Battery capacity: 500Wh (12V42AH)
>Battery cycle: 2000 times
>MPPT controller: 12V 12A
>Output power: 300W(Pure Sine Wave)
>Output voltage: AC220V; DC 5V/12V
>Input interface: PV × 1, adapter (optional) × 1
>Output interface: USB×2, DC×4, AC×2
>Daily electricity generation: 1000Wh
>Solar panel: 180W*1
Special Features:
MPPT Controller, Ultra Large Digital Screen, Pure Sine Wave Outlets, 2H Fast Charging, PAYG system

Brief Description

According to GP-1000 own characteristics, it can be a great type of Solar Power Station In Africa. Portable power station is a kind of large capacity battery, providing power supply for your devices. It has versatility functions compared to portable phone chargers. While solar power station can be charged by solar panels.

The outstanding portable power station has a standard/AC socket, USB, and even a cigarette lighter ports to support plugging in any appliance you can think of. The GP-1000 has a 500Wh backup capacity with 2* AC, 4*DC and 2*USB interfaces. It has an inner LiFePO4 inner battery, which has long lifespan, strong power, safety and environmental protection. LiFePO4 battery power station can be applied in remote areas without effective grid coverage, or where there is a local grid but the power supply is unreliable. It will solve the problem of power supply for local residents.

The 1000W Solar portable generator battery management system (BMS) enables voltage control, temperature control, short circuit protection, over-current protection, and more advanced safety operations.


To better control, we designed LED display screen for clients. It's easy for you to control the usage situation of the power supply. Supporting OEM & ODM service.


Main Features:

①"PV, controller, inverter, energy storage" integrated.

②Support multi-device multi-mode output discharge simultaneously

③Long endurance, to escort your going out

④Large capacity, small size, lightweight, easy to carry

⑤The LCD display lets you keep track of your power usage

⑥10 designed system protections including over-discharge protection, over-current protection, over-charge protection, over-voltage protection, etc.

Application Scenarios:

The portable outdoor power supply is widely used in many areas, not only for household, but also in the office, business, theater, photography, traveling, firefighting, medical, emergency, RV, yacht, communications, exploration, construction, camping, mountaineering, troops, military, school laboratory, satellite research institute, telecommunications base stations and many other areas. These may become strong potential consumer groups and areas for solar power stations in the future.

Technical Parameters

Product Name

Solar Power Station 1000W

Max. AC Output Power



Lithium Iron Phosphate

Acceptable Temperature of Battery


Charging: 0℃-45℃

Battery Capacity


Cycle Life of Battery

Over 3000 Times



PV Panel Capacity

180Wp Polycrystalline


AC Charge
PV Charge


Two USB outputs;
Four DC outputs;
One Aviation output;
Two AC outputs;




13 kg

What can you get from the whole package?






GP-1000 Generator

controller, battery (500Wh), inverter(300W) all in one

1 set


LED Light

12V,5W,E27 screw, white

2 pcs


LED light extension cable

E27 screw extension cable, 5 meters, with switch, black

1 pc


PV Input Cable

XX aviation terminal female connector, with 0.5m red positive line, black negative line, 2.5mm² diameter, with self-lock, mis-plug proof

1 pc


DC Output Cable

DC5.5-2.1mm male connector, with 0.5m cable, 1mm² diameter

3 pcs


DC aviation output cable

XXX aviation terminal female connector, with 0.5m red positive line, black negative line,4mm² diameter, with self-lock, mis-plug proof

1 pc


Insulating Tape (black)

9 meters

1 pc


Insulating Tape (red)

9 meters

1 pc


User Manual

1 pc


Certificate + Warranty Card

1 pc


Installation Guide

1 pc

How Does A Solar Power Station Work?

There are three ways you can charge a power station, and each one has its benefits. Here is a list of each one with details on how they work.

AC charger utility

Car charger

Solar panel

Basically, you can charge the solar power station in Africa by using a wall plug, solar panel, car charger or any other source. These portable power batteries usually have many different types of outlets, such as standard socket, USB, Type C and car cigar lighter ports that can be plugged into the device.

Compared to traditional gasoline generator, if you go for hiking, camping and fishing, it will be a good choice. It`s available to charge electric devices even in remote areas. But this type of equipment causes fuel consumption and working noise. If you`re backpacking, a lightweight and big capacity is better.

Safety Tips

Here are some tips you can follow to stay safe while using Solar Power Station In Africa:

If you want to keep your power station clean and dry, ensure it’s always free from moisture. Moisture will corrode any metal surface and could short it out.

If you use cables and extension cords, they must have the correct rating for your generator and device

Keep your power station charged at all times

When charging your devices like your phone, tablet, or laptop, use the correct charger so it charges safely.

Don’t exceed the capacity of your backup power source. Follow the manufacturer’s specifications and consider the power needs of the device you are using


1. What type of battery you used for Solar Power Station In Africa?

We`re using top quality battery cell, LiFePO4 battery.

2. What`s the lifespan of the products? How many years of the guarantee?

The lifetime we designed is 3000 times. We offer 1 year guarantee for free.

3. Can you accept customization to do OEM & ODM orders?

Yes, we support customization. ODM & OEM orders are always welcomed.

4. May I have a sample to check first, before bulk order?

Yes, we are glad to provide sample for you. However the sample has no customization.

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