Rechargeable Portable Power Station

>Battery capacity: 300Wh(12V 24AH)
>Battery cycle: 2000 times
>Output power: 120W
>PWM controller: 12V 10A
>Output voltage: DC 5V/12V
>Input interface: PV × 1, adapter (optional) × 1
>Output interface: USB×2, DC×4
>Daily electricity generation: 600Wh

Rechargeable Portable Power Station Description

GP600 is a Rechargeable Portable Power Station with 6 outputs including 2 * USB, 4 * DC. GP300/600 solar generator is an autonmous solar home system, which is designed for powering efficient appliances like a fan, a TV or a fridge. Definitely the best option for providing economic rural electrification.

The integrated host mainly includes solar charging controller, lithium iron phosphate battery management system and lithium iron phosphate battery module. Among them, the solar charging controller is designed with PWM control algorithm to make efficient use of solar energy resources; the host provides 5V DC and 12V DC voltage output interface, it is applicable to all kinds of DC loads, such as: mobile phone charging, DC lighting, DC fan, DC small TV, etc.; lithium iron phosphate battery management system is used to charge and discharge the built-in lithium iron phosphate battery, and to maximize the battery life. GP300 new energy generator is also equipped with module, which is of metal back plate structure, beautiful appearance, high power generation efficiency, waterproof, fireproof, light weight, and can be truly integrated with the building. In addition, the battery module of GP300 can be charged in an emergency mode by selecting a AC charger according to the needs. GP300 new energy generator is mainly used in remote farming, animal husbandry and fishing areas without effective grid coverage, which can solve the domestic power supply problem of local residents.

Key Features

1. High integration system, lightweight

Integrated "PV input, controller, energy storage" , slight weight to 2.8kg.

2. Independent patent, core technology

Creative SEMD (Smart Energy Management and Distribution) technology, SCD (Simultaneous Charging and Discharging) Intelligent BMS (Battery Management System) extends battery life.

3. 24h uninterrupted power supply

(GP300: 10W; GP-600: 20W )

Provide 24-hour uninterrupted power supply for families, which can be used in the daytime and at night;

4. Protection, safety and reliability

10 designed system protections including over discharge protection, over current protection, over charge protection, over voltage protection, etc.

5. Ultra high capacity LFP battery

Applying automotive grade high performance LiFePO4 batteries.

Up to 5000 times cycle. Depth of discharge up to 95%. LiFePO4 battery with the highest performance, safety and cost performance is built in the host, which can be easily used for 10 years;

6. Multiple input and output interfaces

1 PV input, 1 adapter input (optional); 2 USB output and 4 DC output interfaces.

Technical Parameters



Product Warranty

From the date of purchase of the Rechargeable Portable Power Station, the warranty of the integrated host is 1 year; the warranty of the solar module is 10 years, the warranty of the linear solar power is 25 years. The "spare parts replacement method" is adopted for the integrated host to guarantee the faulty products.

Safety Cautions:

Please read the instructions and safety cautions carefully before starting the operation to reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Users are strictly prohibited from changing or dismantling the electrical part of the system.

When the system is powered on, it is strictly forbidden for users to directly touch each component inside the system. When operating the system, the electrical safety specification must be observed, and the safety cautions and instructions must be strictly observed.

Routine maintenance

1. Solar Panel

Keep the surface of solar module clean and free of dirt;

Ensure the solar modules are free from shadow;

The solar module is fragile. Handle it gently to prevent the front of the module from being hit by sharp.

2. Integrated host

Prevent high ambient temperature;

Maintain ventilation;

Keep the environment clean;

When not in use, it is recommended to shut down the host and unplug the input and output connections at the same time.

3. Load access

It is recommended not to connect to high-power DC load (more than 60W), otherwise the battery power of the host will be exhausted quickly and the output interface may be damaged.

Common Troubleshooting

1. No output power occurs (12V, 5V)

Handling measures: press the power button to shut down the host and restart the Rechargeable Portable Power Station later. If there is still no output power, consider the load short circuit or the load power is too lage.

2. Abnormal status indicator warning is on

Handling measures: press the power button to shut down the host, remove the connection between the input and output ports of the host. If the warning indicator is still on after the restart, consider the internal damage of the host.

3. Solar module access, no charging current

Handling measures: check whether the component input is virtual connection or reverse connection of positive and negative poles.

4. AC Charger connected, no charging current

Handling measures: check whether the input voltage of charger matches with the host.

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