LiFePO4 Battery Solar Generator

> Daily electricity generation: 3000Wh
> Battery capacity: 1500Wh(12V 125 AH)
> Battery cycle: 3000 times
> MPPT controller: 12V 36A
> Output power: 1500W(Pure Sine Wave)
> Output voltage: AC220V; DC 5V/12V
> Input interface: PV × 1, adapter (optional) × 1
> Output interface: USB×2, DC×4, AC×2, DC Aviation plug×1
> Manual switch between grid power and PV

LiFePO4 Battery Solar Generator Description

LiFePO4 Battery Solar Generator System is an electrical system that uses photovoltaic modules to directly convert solar energy into electrical energy. This product is suitable for home, convenient stores, outdoor camping and other application scenarios, and can provide LED lighting and charging and power supply for mobile phones, cameras and DC household appliances; Applicable to energy supply in areas without electricity or electricity.

Our solar power system is a new off-grid solar power generation system which is revolutionary, and has its own intellectual property rights. It uses high quality and high-tech planar photovoltaic tiles (BIPV generation modules), Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar controller, Long-life lithium iron phosphate battery, cutting-edge Synchronized Charging and Discharging (SCD) technology, and adds multiple protection design. GP new energy generator can meet the power supply needs of families in different countries.

Xi'An Borui G-Power integrated power supply system is mainly used in remote and vast areas without effective power grid coverage; The system has various DC and AC voltage output interfaces, which is suitable for common household loads, such as mobile charging, lamp lighting, electric fans, TV, DC refrigerators, DC irons, laptop and other common loads. It can be widely used in underdeveloped areas in Asia, Africa and Latin America to solve the problem of household power supply for local residents.

This GP-3000 solar generator made by Lithium Iron Phosphate battery(LiFePO4) with 1500Wh capacity, can be used for almost all of the small electrical machines. It can be charged by grid or solar panels.

Integrating an off-line PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go) system can help overcome the barrier of upfront pricing for solar home systems. This is achieved by enabling users to divide the cost into smaller, affordable amounts over time. This can be done through manageable installments paid over a period of time, making it easier for users to access and afford solar home systems.

The standardized Solar Power Generation System has the comprehensive advantages of high technology, wide application range, super endurance, super quality assurance, simple use, high cost performance and low power cost.



1. High integration system, more intelligent

The GP3000 integrates PV, inverter, charging controller, and energy storage, making it a single machine that combines PV+Storage+Inverter. This makes it one of the most intelligent machines available in the market.

2. Independent patent, core technology

The use of a Smart Energy Management and Distribution technology, with the added functionality of simultaneous charging and discharging, as well as an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) to extend battery life, has resulted in an optimized system. Additionally, a unique Maximum Power Point Tracking technology has been introduced to improve system stability. The system also features a convenient "one-button switch" that allows for seamless switching between PV and grid inputs

3. 24h uninterrupted power supply

(Model GP-1000/GP-2000/GP-3000: 40W/80W/120W )

The system is designed with high-power generation capabilities and performs well in low light conditions. Additionally, the system incorporates high-capacity energy storage to ensure continuous power supply.

4. Automotive grade high capacity LFP battery

Its built-in LiFePO4 battery designed for a high performance automotive grade standards. The battery can undergo up to 5000 cycles and has a depth of discharge capability of up to 95%.

5. Multiple input and output

PV and main electric input; USB, DC, Aviation plug and AC outputs.


Product Name

Solar Power Generator GP-3000

Max. AC Output Power



Lithium Iron Phosphate

Acceptable Temperature of Battery


Charging: 0℃-45℃

Battery Capacity


Cycle Life of Battery

Over 3000 Times



PV Panel Capacity

560Wp Polycrystalline


AC Charge
PV Charge


2*USB outputs;
4*DC outputs;
1*Aviation output;
2*AC outputs;




28.5 kg

Testing the GP-3000 solar generator under the sunlight:

Solar Panel 560w, battery storage capacity is 1.5kWh. Daily generation can be reached to 3kWh that generates twice as much electricity as it stores.

2. Enable 24 hours uninterrupted power supply per day for AC or DC devices below 120W. At the same time, the energy storage battery can still be full every day under the condition of charging while accessing the load use (discharge) during the day;

3. The system supports DC load accumulated up to 240W and AC load up to 300W working together for more than 3 hours when the system energy storage battery is fully charged.

Why Choose this LiFePO4 Battery Solar Generator?

HOST: One year guarantee

MODULE: 20 years linear guarantee

ENERGY STORAGE: Charge and discharge 3000 times

BATTERIES: Free replacement of batteries after 10 years

PAYGO SYSTEM: Allows users pay in installments or affordably to use electricity.

Our GP series have 10 designed system protections, helps to use it safely and reliability.

Charging Guide

Our LiFePO4 Battery Solar Generator system is easy to install,only few steps could be done:

Step 1: Placement and maintenance

Confirm the orientation and placement or fixation of solar panel to obtain maximum solar radiation (The northern hemisphere towards to south and the southern hemisphere to north)

Keep the surface of the solar panel clean and free of dirt. Clean it regularly with mop or soft rag to improve the power generation.

Ensure that solar panels are shadowed in day, thus preventing damage to solar panels caused by shadows and increasing the power generation of solar panels

Step 2: Connecting the solar panel to the power supply system mainframe

Connect the cable of the solar module to the PV input terminal of the power supply system.




The positive (+) negative (-) polarity of the solar panel`s wire should consistent with the PV interface on the generator.

There are 2 methods to connect with PV module, if the solar panel has an MC4 terminal:

①Cut off the MC4 terminal and connect the cable directly to the system input terminal. Please consulting first.

②Please provide a set of MC4 terminals by your own and connect them to the PV input of the system, then connect the 2 MC4 terminals by solar panel and power generator system.


You can charge the LiFePO4 Battery Solar Generator System host with the utility power, so as to make up for the charging demand after the power supply system host energy storage power is consumed due to weather or other bad conditions.

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