Portable Power Station Fast Charging

1. Output power: Rated power 2000W, Peak Power: 4000W
2. AC output: AC110V/230V 50Hz/60Hz Pure Sine Wave DC output: DC12V/QC 3.0(4*USB)/PD 3.0
3. Input : 12-30V 200W max MPPT
4. Batter capacity: 25.6V 76.5Ah 1958.4Wh
5. Inner Battery: LiFePO4
6. Working temperature: -10℃-40℃.
7. Cycle: 2000 times
8. Color: Main body is galaxy gray + Black cover
9. House material: Mental body+ABS fire retardant cover
10. Charging time:11h

Product Description

This Portable Power Station Fast Charging is a multi-functional power supply device using LiFePO4 lithium-ion battery. It absorbs light energy from the sun and stores it specifically for electrical energy, providing backup power for small and medium-sized devices when grid power is unavailable. The device has common power interfaces such as USB, USB-C, DC, and AC, and is compatible with various devices like mobile phones, computers, small refrigerators, and small household appliances. At the same time, it uses pure sine wave current, with power ranging from 500W to 2000W, and can achieve at least 2000 charge and discharge cycles. In order to meet the different needs of customers, its sockets are available in a variety of specifications, including Japanese standards, Australian standards and universal rail gauges.


1. Safety: This Portable Power Station Fast Charging has a built-in BMS battery management system, which can monitor the power supply and the status of electronic equipment in real time during operation. It can continuously provide high and low temperature, overcharge, overload, short circuit protection, and sound an alarm on the display when abnormal.

2. Weather resistance: This power supply is equipped with an aluminum alloy battery cell casing and an ABS flame retardant cover. These two materials make it effectively waterproof and corrosion-resistant. And it is used in the operating temperature range of -10°C-40°C and is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments with relatively mild temperatures.

3. Portable: It adopts a double handle design, allowing you to lift it firmly and move it to the next location at any time. In addition, it is equipped with two anti-slip feet on the bottom, which can maintain stability on various flat surfaces and reduce wear on the bottom shell.


①Recreational camping

②Compared to leisure camping, self-driving travel time is more abundant, that will get more scenarios for outdoor power station, which load includes: car refrigerators, rice cookers, electric blankets, kettles, computers, projectors, drones, cameras and other high-powered appliances.



Electronic Loads

High power


Rice cooker

The oven

Air Fryer

Electric Blower

Coffee Maker

Electric Kettle






Bean Grinder

Ice-making Machine


Under 100





Mobile phone


Camping light


How Do We Choose The Power Of It For Outdoor Use?

If you want a short trip/camping trip, it is recommended to focus on light weight, small size and easy to carry.

But if a long trip, it is recommended to focus on battery capacity, battery life and charging method. Our power station battery for 2000w, have a high storage, fast charging, multiple outputs and smart display screen, which allows you to enjoy your traveling.


Q: Can I have one sample?

A: Sure, we supply sample to check the quality and techs, but price will be a little higher than bulk orders.

Q: What is your MOQ?

A: It depends on the power. Generally, we supply at least 1*20FT.

Q: Can you print my own logo on the product?

A: Yes we support OEM order. You can send us your logo AI or PDF document with size.

Q: What`s the warranty and after sale service?

A: Normally for 1 year. We have strict QC department to check the quality of portable power station fast charging before shipping, but if there are some problems you don`t get, we support technical guidance through video.

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